Insurance Company Claims Phone Numbers

Finding the correct phone number to report a claim to an insurance company can be difficult. Over the years, The Bradley Law Firm has instituted insurance claims against every major insurance carrier, and over time built up a database of phone numbers. In an effort to make this process easier for other attorneys and clients, here is the comprehensive list of insurance companies and their corresponding claims phone numbers, and in some cases, claims email:

AAA Insurance (Auto Club Family Insurance Company) 800-321-2452 ext. 5000
Acadia Insurance Company 800-444-0049, ext. 2600
ACE Private Risk Services 800-945-7461
ACE USA 800 945-7461
Acuity 800-242-7666
AGCS Marine 800-558-1606
Alabama Department of Insurance 334-269-3550
Alabama Municipal Insurance Corporation 866-239-AMIC (866-239-2642)
Alfa Insurance Group 888-964-2532
Allied Insurance 800-421-3535
Allmerica 800-628-0250
Allstate 800-54-STORM (800-547-8676)
Allstate Floridian Insurance Company 800-54-STORM (800-547-8676)
America First Insurance 877-263-7890
America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) 800-644-1818
American Bankers Insurance Company 800-245-1505
American Family Insurance 1-800-MY-AMFAM (1-800-692-6326)
American Federation Insurance Company 800-527-3907
American General Property Insurance Company of Florida 800-321-2452
American International Group, Inc. (AIG) 877-244-0304
American National Property & Casualty Company & Affiliates 800-333-2860
American Reliable Insurance Company 800-245-1505
American Security Insurance Company 800-326-2845
American Skyline Insurance Company 888-298-5224
American States Insurance Company 888-557-5010
American Strategic Insurance 866-ASI-LOSS (274-5677)
American Superior Insurance 954-577-2202
Arch Insurance 800-817-3252
Argus Fire & Casualty 866-291-4609
Armed Forces Insurance Exchange 800-828-7736
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company (New York Liquidation Bureau) 212-341-6814
Atlantic Preferred Insurance Company 800-673-4952
Auto Club Family Insurance Company (ACFIC) 800-222-7623 ext. 5000
Auto Owners Insurance Group (Palm City) 800-783-1269
Auto Owners Insurance Group (Ft. Meyers) 800-437-2256
Avemco Insurance Company 800-874-9124
AXA Re Property and Casualty 800-216-3711


Bankers Insurance Company 800-765-9700
Bankers Security Insurance Company 800-765-9700
Berkley Mid-Atlantic Group 866-262-4178
Bituminous 800-475-4477
Bristol West Insurance Group 800-BRISTOL (800-274-7865)


Capital Preferred 800-734-4749 or 888-388-2742
Catawba Insurance 800-711-9386
Catlin US 800-216-0652
Century Surety Insurance Company 800-850-0432
Chartis Commercial and Personal customers call 877-399-6442
Chartis’ Private Client Group call 888-760-9195
Chubb Group of Insurance Cos 800-252-4670 (800-CLAIMS-0); Online Claim Reporting
Church Mutual Insurance 800-554-2642
Citizens Property Insurance Corp. 866-411-2742 (866-411-CPIC)
Cincinnati Insurance Company (call your local agent first and then 877-242-2544)
Clarendon National Insurance Company 800-216-3711
Clarendon Select Insurance Company 800-509-1592
CNA (First Notice Systems) 877-CNA-ASAP (877-262-2727); (non-toll-free, for those experiencing difficulties accessing the FNS number) 413-858-4137
Coast National General Agency 800-BRISTOL (800-274-7865)
Colony Insurance Company 800-577-6614 ext. 1715
Colorado Casualty 888-298-3778
Companion Property & Casualty 800-649-2948
Connecticut FAIR Plan 860-528-9546
Continental Western Insurance Company 800-444-0049, ext. 2600
COUNTRY Financial 1-866-COUNTRY (1-866-268-6879
CUNA Mutual 800-637-2676
Cypress 888-352-9773


Dairyland Insurance Company (see Sentry Insurance)
Drive Insurance from Progressive 800-925-2886


EMC Insurance Companies 888-362-2255
Encompass Insurance Company 800-588-7400
Erie Insurance Group 800-367-3743


Farmers 800-435-7764; iClaim App:
Farmers: Spanish Language Line 877-732-5266
FCCI (first report of injury) 800-226-3224
Federal Mutual 888-333-4949
Federated National Insurance Company 800-420-7075
FEMA 800-427-4661
Fidelity & Casualty Insurance Company 800-725-9472
Fidelity National Insurance Company 800-220-1351
Fidelity National Indemnity Insurance Company 800-725-9472
Fidelity National Property and Casualty Insurance Company 800-725-9472
Fireman’s Fund 888-347-3428 (888-FIREHAT); Mobile App
First Floridian 800-252-4633 (800-CLAIM33) (personal); 800-238-6225 (business)
First Premium Insurance Group (Lloyd’s Mobile Home) 800-432-3072
First Protective Insurance Company 877-744-5224
First Trenton 800-468-7341
Florida Department of Insurance 800-342-2762
Florida Family Insurance Company 888-486-4663 or 888-850-4663
Florida Farm Bureau Insurance Companies 800-330-3327
Florida Pennisula Insurance Company 877-994-8368
Florida Select 888-700-0101
Florida Preferred Property Insurance Company 800-673-4952
FM Global 877-639-5677 (877-NEWLOSS)
Foremost Insurance Company 800-527-3907
Forest Insurance Facilities, Inc 888-892-4381


GE Employers Re 866-413-8978
GEICO 8000-841-3000 Claims site
General Casualty (QBE) 888-737-8256
General Star Indemnity Company 800-624-5237
General Star National Insurance Company 800-624-5237
Georgia Casualty & Surety 800-279-8279 (claim reporting); 866-458-7506 (claim dept.)
Georgia Farm Bureau 866-842-3276
Germania Insurance 877-437-6264
GMAC Insurance (Auto Claims) 800-468-3466
Golden Eagle Insurance 800-238-3085
Granada Insurance Company 800-392-9966
Great American 800-221-7274
Guardian Life Insurance Company of America 866-367-4077; (610-807-7954)
Guide One 888-748-4326


The Hanover Insurance Company 800-628-0250
Harbor Insurance Company 800-216-3711
Harleysville Insurance 800-892-8877; Flood claims – 800-759-8656
The Hartford 800-243-5860 Online:
Hartford Steam 800-HSB-LOSS (800-474-5677)
Holyoke Mutual 800-225-2533
Horace Mann 800-999-1030
Hull & Company 800-241-4855


ICAT 866-789-4228
IDS Life Insurance Company (Ameriprise Financial) 800-862-7919
IDS Life Insurance Company of New York (Ameriprise Financial) 800-541-2251
Imperial Fire & Casualty Insurance Company 800-960-5677
Indiana Insurance 800-279-7221
Industrial Risk Insurers 860-520-7347 (Business claims)
Infinity Insurance Companies 800-334-1661
Insurance Placement Facility of Delaware 800-462-4972
Insurance Placement Facility of Pennsylvania 800-462-4972
Interstate Fire & Casualty 800-456-8458, ext. 770


Kemper Auto and Home 888-252-2799


Liberty Mutual Insurance 800-2-CLAIMS (800-225-2467); Apps: iPhone or Android
Liberty Northwest 800-289-0930
Lloyd’s America Helpline 866-264-2533
Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation 800-931-9548
Louisiana Department of Insurance 800-259-5300 (toll-free inside Louisiana only); 225-342-5423
Louisiana Farm Bureau 866-275-7322


Main Street America Group 877-282-3844
Maryland Joint Insurance Association 800-492-5670
Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company 800-628-0250; or 508-855-2288
Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association 800-851-8978
Mercury Insurance Group 800-987-6000
MetLife Auto & Home 800-854-6011; f: 866-743-1546; email: [email protected]
Middleoak Insurance p: 800-225-2533 option 7; f: 866-514-9861 or email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Middlesex Insurance Company (see Sentry Insurance)
Mississippi Farm Bureau 866-275-7322
Mississippi Residential Property Insurance Association 800-931-9548
Mississippi Windstorm Underwriting Association 800-931-9548
Montgomery Insurance 800-561-0178


National Automotive Insurance 800-577-9471
National Casualty Company 800-423-7675
National Farmers Union (QBE) 866-638-5677
National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) 800-621-3362
National Insurance Company 800-239-2121
National Security Underwriters 800-256-8277 (Alexandria); 800-738-8555 (South Bunkie)
Nationwide 800-421-3535
New Jersey Insurance Underwriting Association 973-297-5235
New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association 212-208-9701; Outside NYC 800-522-3372
North Pointe Insurance Company 877-878-1991


Ohio Casualty 866-255-5530
Ohio Casualty and West American Insurance Company 888-701-8727
Old Dominion Insurance Company 877-425-2467 or 800-606-7992
Omaha Property & Casualty 800-638-2592 (Flood only)
Omega Insurance Company 800-216-3711
OneBeacon 877-248-3455 (Commercial Claims only); f: 866-213-2802; email: [email protected]

P – Q

Patriot General Insurance Company (see Sentry Insurance)
Peerless Insurance 800-522-7152
Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company 800-247-5930
Poe Financial Group 800-673-4952
Progressive 800-PROGRESSIVE (776-4737); or 719-432-0264
QBE Agri  800-777-0078 or 425-562-5264
QualSure Insurance Corp. 877-563-0150


Regency (Tower Hill) 800-216-3711
Republic Fire & Casualty (Homeowners, Dwelling Fire, Auto & Commercial) 800-451-0286
Republic Group (Republic Fire & Casualty, Republic Underwriters Southern Ins Co, Southern Underwriters Ins) 800-451-0286
Republic Underwriters (Commercial) 800-451-0286
Rhode Island Joint Reinsurance Association 617-723-3800; 800) 851-8978
RLI Insurance Company 800-84-ROYAL (800-847-6925)(800-444-0406)
Royal & SunAlliance 800-847-6925


Safeco Insurance 800-332-3226; iPhone App
Safeway Insurance Company 800-252-3251
Scottsdale Insurance Company 800-423-7675
Security National Insurance Company 800-BRISTOL (800-274-7865)
Selective 866-455-9969
Sentry Casualty Company (see Sentry Insurance)
Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company (Transportation claims) 800-638-8763; (Life claims) 800-533-7827; (Other claims) 800-638-8763
Sentry Life Insurance Company (see Sentry Insurance)
Sentry Select Insurance Company (see Sentry Insurance)
Service Insurance Company 800-780-8423
Shelter Insurance Group 800-SHELTER (800-743-5837)
Sompo Japan 800-444-6870
South Carolina Wind & Hail Association 803-744-4319
Southern Family Insurance Company 800-673-4952
Southern Fidelity 866-874-7342
Southern Insurance Company (Commercial) 800-451-0286
Southern Underwriters (Commercial) 800-451-0286
Southwest Business Corp. (Lloyd?s Excess Flood) 800-527-0066 ext. 7389
St. Johns Insurance Company 800-748-2030
State Farm Insurance 800-SF-CLAIM (800-732-5246)
Sunshine State Insurance Company 877-329-8795


TAPCO 888-437-0373
Texas Department of Insurance Consumer Help Line 800-252-3439
Texas Farm Bureau 800-266-5458
Texas Select Lloyds Insurance Company 866-887-7276
Texas Windstorm Insurance Association 800-788-8247
The Timbermen Fund (Louisiana Safety Association of Timbermen-SIF) 877-628-6730
Tower Hill Insurance Companies 800-216-3711 or 800-509-1592
Travelers Personal Insurance 800-252-4633 (800-CLAIM33)
Travelers Business Insurance 800-238-6225
21st Century Insurance 888-244-6163


Unemployment Insurance 866-4-USA-DOL (866-432-0264)
Unigard (QBE)  800-777-0078
Union Insurance Company 800-444-0049, ext. 2600
United Fire Insurance Company 800-343-9131
United Property and Casualty Company 800-861-4370
Universal Insurance Company 888-846-7647
USAA 800-531-8722; Mobile App; Online Claims
USF&G 800-787-2851; 800-631-6478 (homeowners claims); 407-660-9000 (customer service)
USLI 800-523-5545
Utica National 800-216-1420

V – Z

Valley Forge Life Insurance (Subsidiary of CNA) 800-437-8854
Vanguard Fire & Casualty Company 888-343-5585
Virginia Property Insurance Association 804-591-3700
Westfield Insurance 866-937-2663
Willis Group 877-725-9679
XL Insurance 800-688-1840
Zenith (first report of injury) 800-440-5020
Zurich Insurance Company 800-987-3373 or email [email protected]

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