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As Economy Improves, Expect More Trucks On The Road

The amount of freight traffic has increased in the past six months as the economy is starting to rebound and more companies are shipping goods across the country, according to an NPR report.

The report cites statistics from the American Trucking Association saying April 2010 saw 10 percent more freight traffic than April 2009. This is the result of steady growth that began at the end of last year and now the commercial trucking industry is near the levels it was before the recession.

Trucking companies have actually had to turn down shipments because they don’t have the drivers to move them, according to NPR. Many companies laid off large numbers of drivers during the height of the recession and are now scrambling to replace them as the industry rebounds.

Hopefully the companies looking for new drivers follow all federal regulations regarding the hiring and screening of drivers. Statistics show that driver error is a leading cause of tractor trailer accidents in Missouri and around the country and hiring high-quality drivers without a history of violations or crashes is a way to keep these tragic accidents from happening.

This is even more important as the highways will be a little more crowded now that freight traffic is on the rise. The vast majority of drivers and companies are responsible, but it only takes a few negligent mistakes to cause a serious truck crash.