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ATA Wants To Focus On Driver Fatigue

As the FMCSA prepares the Comprehensive Safety Analysis, the American Trucking Associations have weighed in with their ideas for limiting the number of tractor trailer accidents. Their focus seems to be on combating driver fatigue.

Specifically, ATA representatives have made five suggestions:

  1. Promote sleep disorder awareness, training and screening. In particular, they want to see drivers with sleep apnea get educated on their condition.
  2. Promote fatigue risk management programs.
  3. Evaluating the use of fatigue detection devices.
  4. Provide additional parking along prominent shipping corridors so that drivers can have additional places to rest.
  5. Educate drivers on how to find the additional parking and rest stops.

Since fatigue is such a big factor in many truck accidents in Missouri and around the country, ATA officials hope these measures will go a long way to lowering the number of crashes.