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Teens Narrowly Escape Serious Injury As Trailer Turns Over

Two teenagers barely escaped serious personal injuries from a tractor trailer in Ballwin, Missouri. Apparently, the trailer from a semi-truck fell on top of the teen’s small car. While the details are still unknown, this tractor trailer accident in Ballwin, Missouri happened on February 8, around 8:15 a.m. on eastbound Big Bend Road, just past Highway 141.

It appears the tractor loosened from the trailer and overturned, completely crushing the passenger side of the teen’s car. The names of the teenagers have not been released. It is unknown whether the teens suffered any injuries from this trucking accident.

Federal law requires truck drivers to perform a specific set of safety and equipment checks each and every time they take to the road, even following a brief rest. If the cause of this truck tipping over was due to an improper safety check the trucking company may be liable for damages. Trucking companies who ignore safety rules may bear punitive damages.

In this case, the consequences of a loaded trailer turning over on a busy roadway could have been fatal, or at the very least extremely serious. Ensuring the trailer is securely attached to the truck requires the most basic of safety and equipment checks. It is possible those safety checks were either not performed. However, this could have been the result of mechanical failure. In cases like this, commercial truck accident lawyers will request the truck and trailer be preserved so an expert can determine the cause of this failure.