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Bicycle Accidents in Missouri

If you need a Missouri bicycle accident lawyer, we have offices located in St. Louis, Missouri and handle cases statewide. Obicycle accidents 300x185 Bicycle Accidents in Missourif all Missouri traffic accidents, those involving bicycles are have the greatest risk of serious injury.

Bicycle crash statistics indicate cyclists are 3 to 10 times more likely to injured or die than motorists in the event of a collision. Bikes move through traffic at a much slower speed than vehicles, and cyclists often have little more than a helmet for protection. These factors greatly contribute to the dangers of Missouri bicycle accidents.

Lawyers for injured cyclists must have an understanding of Missouri laws regarding the operation of bicycles to effectively represent those injured by negligent motorists.

Missouri Bicycle Laws

Missouri law requires bicycles and vehicles to share the road. Missouri statute RSMo 307.188, entitled “Rights And Duties Of Bicycle And Motorized Bicycle Riders” states, “Every person riding a bicycle or motorized bicycle upon a street or highway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle as provided by chapter 304.”

This basically means Missouri cyclists have the same rights as if they were operating a vehicle. Our St. Louis bicycle accident attorneys are experienced in handling bicycle accidents and ensure their rights are understood by jurors who hear these cases.

Bicycle Injuries

In our experience, when vehicles hit cyclists, the following types of injuries are most common:

Intolerance or a complete disregard for the statutory rights of Missouri bicyclists often leads to serious accidents. This unwillingness to share Missouri’s roads can only result in more dangerous riding conditions.

Studies indicate the more cyclists on the road creates a safer riding environment overall. In fact, bike accident fatality rates are significantly lower in cities with a high concentration of bicycle traffic. This is partly because of the increased awareness of bicyclists on the roadway.

The problem in Missouri is that even the largest cities, such as Saint Louis and Kansas City, have drastically fewer cyclists than cities like Chicago or New York. For this reason, Missouri motorists must come to terms with and understand the rights of bicycle riders. Only through increased awareness by motorists will the number of Missouri bicycle accidents decline.

While more than half of traffic accidents involving bicycles are the fault of the vehicle, up to 74% of these at-fault motorists never receive a traffic ticket.

When you are involved in a bicycle accident in St. Louis or anywhere else in Missouri, it is important you contact an experienced Missouri bicycle lawyer immediately. E. Ryan Bradley has over 30 years experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from Missouri traffic and bicycle accidents.

Free Consultations on All Bicycle Accidents

The Bradley Law Firm offers free consultations on all bicycle crashes that result in severe injury or death. We understand your injuries may prevent you from traveling, so our attorneys can arrange to meet with you at home or in your hospital room.

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