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Brain Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury, you need to consult with an experienced Missouri brain injury lawyer. At E. Ryan Bradley, we have helped numerous families with loved ones suffering from traumatic brain injuries in St. Louis and across Missouri. Very few law firms have the necessary experience, understanding, or financial backing to handle these complex cases.

When you interview potential law firms to handle your case, ensure the lawyer:

  • has tried other brain injury cases
  • is a member of the local brain injury association
  • knows what the standard tests for brain injury are
  • understands the basic anatomy of the brain
  • understands what functions each portion of the brain controls
  • understands what role the neuropsychologist will serve in the case
  • knows what role the neurologist will serve
  • will provide you with past client references with injuries similar to yours

E. Ryan Bradley has a degree in biology and a minor in chemistry, has tried numerous brain injury cases to verdict, and is a member of the Missouri Brain Injury Association. You will be challenged to find a lawyer with a better educational background or experience to handle your brain injury case.

Epidemiology of a Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can range from mild to severe. Each year, approximately 2 million people sustain some level of brain injury. Of these 2 million victims:

  • around 15% will require a hospital stay
  • 5% will have some level of permanent disability
  • 50,000 brain injury victims die each year from head trauma

Statistically, men have double the risk of sustaining a brain injury than a woman. People between the ages of 15 and 24 are most likely to sustain a traumatic brain injury. However, small children are at the greatest risk for traumatic brain injury because they have not fully developed. On the opposite end of the age range, seniors are also at a higher risk due to falling.

Missouri Brain Injuries

In Missouri, 44% of all brain injuries are caused by car crashes, 26% are accounted for by slip and falls, and 13% are caused by sports injuries. The remainder of Missouri brain injuries are caused by assaults and shootings.

Nationwide, traumatic brain injuries cost over $50 billion. Most victims of traumatic brain injuries will need some level of assisted care for the rest of their lives. For those who suffer the most severe brain injuries, depending upon their age and life expectancy, the lifetime cost for medical and other care expenses can reach over $8 million. A Missouri TBI costs around $1,000 per day for medical care. Typically, the acute phase of care for a TBI is around 50 days.

For every eight mild brain injuries, there is one moderate brain injury and one severe brain injury. Mild brain injuries sometimes require hospitalization. In addition, even mild brain injuries have the capability of impairing lives. Sometimes, family and friends may not even realize a loved on has suffered a TBI until that individual attempts to resume his or her normal daily activities.

Once the demands of daily life are once again imposed on the TBI victim, the effects of a TBI become pronounced. Many brain injury victims have psychological consequences from their inability to perform every day tasks like they once did.

Potential Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Effects of a mild, moderate, or severe TBI can range from social to economic:

  • Loss of sense of self
  • Isolation from others
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Marital troubles
  • Unemployment
  • Financial strain
  • Drug and alcohol Abuse

Family and friends of the brain injury victim will certainly be affected by these conditions. The physical and emotional exhaustion in caring for a loved one with a TBI can be overwhelming. Many times, families benefit from seeking guidance from a psychologist.

The brain injury lawyers at E. Ryan Bradley have worked with leading neuropsychologists and neurologists in St. Louis, Missouri and can make a recommendation to you and your family. In addition, we can make referrals to the best St. Louis brain injury doctors, so you can be assured your loved one is getting the very best medical treatment for his or her condition. Speak to an experienced St. Louis brain injury attorney today.

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