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Broken Bone or Fractured Bone Injuries

Bbroken bone 300x200 Broken Bone or Fractured Bone Injuriesroken and fractured bones are the most common injuries from a car crash. While sometimes broken bones are easy to detect, some factures can go undetected unless diagnostic images are taken.

Bones break when they are subjected to more force than they can withstand. There are many different classifications of broken bones. A broken bone is called a “complete fracture” when the bone is separated into two or more pieces. A bone is referred to as a “greenstick fracture” when it is cracked on one side, but not the other. A “single fracture” described a break that happens in one single place and nowhere else. A “communited fracture” describes a broken bone that is separated in two or more places. In addition, crushed bones are classified as “communited fractures.” In children, bones are not fully developed. Because of this, sometimes bones can bend. Adult bones do not bend. These bends are called “bowing fractures.” One of the worst kinds of broken bones is called an “open fracture.” This occurs when the bone breaks and is forced through the persons skin and is exposed to the outside world.

When you break a bone, the pain is immense. This is especially true of open fractures. Many times, people faint or go into shock when they see one of their bones broken. This is normal.

An orthopedic surgeon is a doctor who specializes in dealing with the bones. Many times, surgery is necessary to make the repair needed to heal. Sometimes, when the injury is very bad, metal plates, screws and rods are needed to secure the bones in place. With this kind of surgery, your doctor will recommend physical therapy after the surgery is over with. It is very important for you to follow through with and keep all physical therapy appointments. Keeping these appointments is necessary for you to make the best recovery.

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