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Buchanan, Missouri

buchanan Buchanan, Missouri
Our Buchanan County, Missouri personal injury lawyers have helped hundreds of people hurt through no fault of their own for decades. If you were hurt in Buchanan County, Missouri and need legal advice, our personal injury attorneys are here to answer your questions.

Buchanan County, Missouri was first established in 1838 and originally named after Hiram Roberts, as Roberts County. One year later, Roberts County was renamed to Buchanan County after Senator James Buchanan who later went on to become President of the United States. With an estimated population of 85,000, Buchanan County is composed of several towns including Agency, Bloomington, Center, Crawford, Jackson, Lake, Marion, Platte, Rush, Tremont, Washington, and Wayne. Nestled in the northwest region of Missouri, Buchanan County is bordered by Andrew, DeKalb, Clinton, and Platte counties.

The Buchanan County personal injury attorneys at E. Ryan Bradley handle many types of personal injury cases. Some of these cases include: car and pedestrian accidents, motorcycle crashes, premises liability, medical malpractice, animal attacks, insurance claims, nursing home neglect and abuse, and construction related accidents. Our Buchanan County personal injury lawyers have over thirty years of experience. For information regarding the Buchanan County, Missouri Circuit Court, visit their website or call their telephone number at 816-271-1462. The courthouse is located at 411 Jules Street, Saint Joseph, Missouri, 64501. If you are a victim of a personal injury and would like a free consultation with a Buchanan County, Missouri personal injury attorney, call our office at 314-400-0000. We do not collect any attorney’s fee or expense until your case is settled. If you are seriously injured and cannot travel to our office, one of our attorneys will come to you- either at home or at the hospital.