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Changes To Roadside Inspections

One of the big changes to expect from Comprehensive Safety Analysis 2010 is the way roadside inspections on commercial vehicles will be handled and how they affect the driver. Officials hope these new changes, which include expanding inspections and holding drivers accountable, will reduce the number of tractor trailer accident injuries we see every year in this country.

The new regulations will include 275 points of inspection for a commercial truck. Over 200 of these items can be checked in a simple roadside inspection. Roadside inspectors will be conduction over 3 million inspections each year.

Drivers will have more at stake in these inspections after CSA 2010 takes full effect. A driver is to be responsible for making sure his vehicle is in safe working order before taking it on the road. If a roadside inspection turns up a violation, it will count against the driver’s safety rating as well as his motor carrier company’s rating. With more networks of driver information being made available and easily accessed by potential employers, drivers will want to make sure their rating is high and will be more personally invested in maintenance checks.

Hopefully these new ways of tracking drivers and trucking companies to hold them accountable for their performance will result in a safer conditions and fewer serious truck crashes.