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Client Testimonials

quote Client Testimonials The insurance company first tried to tell me my claim was worth $25,000. When I hired Ryan at E. Ryan Bradley, even though it took over a year of litigation, the insurance company finally settled my case for the policy limits of $125,000.00. This was five times more than I would have gotten on my own. I highly recommend their services to anyone who is injured. endquote Client Testimonials

– Steve Becker, St. Louis, Missouri
(Auto case with a depressed skull fracture, $125,000.00 settlement)

quote Client Testimonials When we lost our son Mike, it was overwhelming. Thankfully, the attorneys at E. Ryan Bradley helped us through this trying time. While no amount of money can make up for our loss, we were comforted by the fact we were able to get maximum recovery against all available insurance money and hold the truck driver responsible. I was, and remain, extremely satisfied with the handling of our lawsuit. endquote Client Testimonials

– David and Jo Hager
(Wrongful death in a tractor trailer crash, $1,000,000.00 settlement)

quote Client Testimonials I just want to say thank you to E. Ryan Bradley for helping me out with my personal injury case. I am very pleased with my outcome. I highly recommend E. Ryan Bradley and I am very pleased with the work that was done for me. endquote Client Testimonials

– Marsleen Kerr, Foley, Missouri
(Automobile crash with facial lacerations, $100,000.00 settlement)

quote Client Testimonials Ryan, you’ve been in my corner since day one, not knowing if we would win this case or not. You stuck by my side and always had my best interest in heart. Not only were you a great lawyer but you we a better friend. Thanks for all you and your staff have done to change my future. endquote Client Testimonials

– Justin