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Construction Accidents

Econstructioin accidents Construction Accidents. Ryan Bradley represents injured persons as well as the families of those who are killed in construction related accidents and disasters. Our Missouri lawyers handle construction related claims, including the following:

  • Bridge collapse
  • Street failure
  • Building collapse
  • Structural support failure
  • Construction design negligence
  • Contractor negligence
  • Retaining wall collapses
  • Defectively designed and maintained pools
  • Equipment accidents and failures
  • Job site incidents
  • Electrical shock

Construction accidents and deaths can be very challenging. Many times, the exact cause of the collapse, failure or defect is not known until many months after the incident when experts can fully evaluate the evidence.

When you hire E. Ryan Bradley, we associate with the best, brightest and most talented experts to investigate your incident and ensure justice is served upon those responsible. Because we only work with the very best experts, only when they determine a claim is meritorious do we move forward. In some occasions, our law firm will not be in a position to represent you if the experts cannot support a claim of negligence against another party. However, by this time, you will have at the very least obtained an expert’s opinion on what caused your particular incident.

As always, hiring E. Ryan Bradley costs you nothing- ever. Our Missouri personal injury lawyers will pay for the case to be evaluated by an expert and will only earn a fee if our law firm decides to take the case and are successful. Our attorneys are just a phone call or email away. Contact us for a case evaluation and consultation with a qualified Missouri construction accident lawyer.