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Dog Bite Injuries, Claims and Lawsuits

Our St. Louis dog bite lawyers are ready to help when a dog attacks you, your child or a loved one.

In St. Louis, dog bites and attacks harm hundreds of men, women and children every year. When a dog bite happens, it is important you talk to a lawyer immediately.

Who Is Responsible for A Dog Bite?

Missouri holds owners and possessors of dangerous dogs responsible for personal injuries and death caused by those animals. While dog owners who own their home will likely have insurance to cover a dog bite, renters are a different story. Not all landlords require tenants to have renters insurance. Therefore, a full investigation must be conducted to determine if others are potentially liable for the attack.

The most common type of Missouri animal attack is a dog bite. Some people even train dogs to fight and attack other dogs. Sometimes, these dogs attack humans. The number of St. Louis, Missouri dog bites have caused many municipalities to propose legislation to outlaw certain types of dog breeds, including pit bulls. In fact, dog bites in Springfield, Missouri led to an ordinance outlawing the ownership of pit bull dogs.

It is estimated over 800,000 people in the United States are treated for dog bites and an average of 20 die from dog bites. Children are the most prone to Missouri dog attacks. In fact, children make up 60 percent of all dog bite victims.

Strict Liability Applies to Dog Bites

In Missouri, owners and possessors of dogs are strictly liable for all injuries  they cause. This means an owner does not have to be negligent in order to be held legally responsible for injuries caused by their animal- the mere fact the dog caused an injury is enough to impose liability.

Dog owners can also be held responsible for injuries when they violate Missouri animal control laws. Many Missouri municipalities have enacted dog leash laws and other types of laws designed to prevent dogs from injuring people.

Medical Treatment for Dog Bites

Dog bites require immediate attention by a doctor. In all cases where a dog has bitten you or a loved one, we suggest you go to the nearest emergency center and have the wound looked at. You may need a rabies shot. In addition, you should call your local Missouri animal control center or police. Then, call a competent Missouri dog bite lawyer. If you are bitten in the St. Louis, Missouri area, you need to call a competent, aggressive St. Louis dog bite lawyer. Our attorneys

Free Dog Bite Legal Consultations

The Bradley Law Firm has recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for men, women and children attacked by dogs. We handle dog bite claims throughout Missouri and Illinois. Contact us today and speak to an experienced St. Louis dog bite lawyer for free.