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Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

We Aggressively Pursue Drunk Drivers

Drunk driving is the height of stupidity. It is reckless and costs thousands of innocent lives every year. At The Bradley Law Firm, we aggressively pursue drunk drivers when they hurt or injure others on the roadway. Beyond this, our law firm takes steps to ensure “deals” are not hatched by DWI lawyers to get criminal charges dismissed or plead down to petty offenses. Often, we will have our clients write letters to the prosecutor and/or judge so they fully understand the gravity of harm caused, which greatly increases the odds of a conviction.

We believe drunks should be both criminally and civilly liable in all drunk driving accidents. Beyond this, we investigate where the person consumed the alcohol to determine if there is a dram shop case against the bar serving the alcohol.

Drivers impaired by alcohol simply do not have the clear vision, reaction times or good decision-making skills to drive safely. As a result, they are far more likely to crash than sober drivers. Since the 1970s, multiple public safety campaigns and driver education for teenagers have emphasized the dangers. As a result, drunk driving accidents have decreased.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving reports the following statistics for Missouri:

  • Fatalities: 248
  • Injuries: 2,154
  • 5,233
  • Arrests: 29,174
  • Convictions: 10,211
  • Refusals: 9,578

What if the Drunk Driver is Criminally Convicted?

If a drunk driver receives a criminal conviction, this can be admitted into evidence in a civil trial to establish the defendant is negligent per se. However, just because a person is criminally convicted does not mean you will win your civil personal injury or wrongful death trial. You must put on evidence of causation and damages to succeed in a court of law.

What If The Police Did Not Ticket The Drunk Driver?

Sometimes, drivers who were drunk or on drugs escape without a ticket or criminal charges for one reason or another. Sometimes police are lazy and do not want the paperwork. Sometimes prosecutors do not always have the necessary evidence needed to prove the case. While these are certainly setbacks in a drunk driving lawsuit, it is possible to put on evidence of intoxication to a jury in a civil trial.

Insurance Companies and Drunk Driving Claims

When drivers are criminally charged, or a chemical test shows clear intoxication, insurance companies rarely dispute fault. However, insurance companies lose money when they pay claims, so they sometimes seek to minimize the financial payout owed by downplaying the injuries or blaming the victim. Insurance companies may offer you far less than your claim is worth, and less than you need to cover the costs of the accident. You are not obligated to take the insurance company’s first offer! If you are not satisfied with the amount of money they offer, or suspect you are being treated unfairly, call an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer before you take any money.

Free Consultations on All Drunk Driving Accident Cases

If you or someone in your family was hurt or killed by a drunk driver, call The Bradley Law Firm right away. Our tenacity in these cases is unparalleled. Our drunk driving accident lawyers offer free, confidential consultations, so you can talk to us about your situation without any further risk or obligation. To learn more or set up a meeting, call us today at 314-400-0000.