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Ellisville, Missouri

ellisville Ellisville, Missouri

At E. Ryan Bradley, we help victims who have been hurt by negligent drivers, businesses and corporations that unnecessarily put others at risk for serious injury or death. Our Ellisville, Missouri personal injury lawyers have assisted injured victims for over thirty years. Most personal injuries in the Ellisville, Missouri area result from car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents/collisions, therefore, the great majority of our case load consists of these types of cases. However, our Ellisville, Missouri car accident lawyers are often called to assist people suffering from on the job accidents, premises liability cases, product liability, medical malpractice, and wrongful death.

Many Ellisville, Missouri residents are able to remain close to home for recreation, school, and shopping. However hundreds of residents commute more than thirty minutes for work each day. Manchester Road is the main thoroughfare in Ellisville and most Ellisville commuters travel on Manchester Road to get to all of their activities. Predictably, this is where most motor vehicle accidents happen. On a typical workday, Manchester Road is gridlocked during the morning and evening rush hours. As a result, the majority of accidents are fender benders resulting in little to no property damage or injury. However, there are cases when injuries do occur and some are quite serious. In instances when serious injuries are sustained, it is best to call E. Ryan Bradley to talk with one of our Ellisville, MO personal injury lawyers to decide what to do next.

Ellisville, Missouri was incorporated in 1932 because the villagers wanted to form a school district and Missouri laws read that a village must first be incorporated prior to having an official school district. Today, Ellisville, MO is part of the Rockwood School District, one of the more prominent districts in the state. Ellisville, Missouri is also taking part in the St. Louis Area Great Streets Initiative to improve the Manchester Road corridor between Missouri Highways 109 and 141. This road improvement initiative will take place over the course of multiple years and will most likely cause further delays in the immediate future. However, according to the Great Streets Initiative Planning Committee, upon completion of the project commuters will be able to get to their destinations with greater ease and less danger.

Large volumes of traffic add to the congestion in the Ellisville, MO area, so car and trucking accidents are common. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported 308 accidents in 2009, 18% of which resulted in injuries or wrongful death. Eighteen percent is much lower than the Missouri state average and Ellisville, MO continued its lower-than-average accident status in 2010. Incidents of car, truck, and motorcycle accidents decreased by 10% in 2010 and reports of personal injuries were reduced by 7%. Unfortunately, fatality reports remained the same.

If you have been injured in Ellisville, Missouri, you may find the following resources helpful:

If your car accident happened in Ellisville, Missouri, your lawsuit would be filed with the Circuit Court of St. Louis County, located in Clayton, Missouri.

Missouri personal injury laws can be very complex and it is important to talk with an experienced personal injury attorney prior to filing your pleading with the Court to avoid the chance of having your case dismissed.

Our Ellisville, Missouri injury lawyers do not charge any fee for a consultation. If you decide to hire us, we earn no attorneys’ fee unless we are successful on your case. Call 314-400-0000 today for a free legal consultation with our personal injury attorneys about your rights. As always, if your personal injuries prevent you from traveling, we will make arrangements to visit with you at your home or hospital room.