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Family of Local Woman Wins $35 Million Verdict

The family of Anita Gibbs, an elementary school principal from Kansas City, was awarded $35.25 million for damages stemming from the Missouri tractor-trailer crash that claimed Gibbs’ life.

According to local media reports, the accident in question occurred in 2006. A tractor-trailer, driven by George Albright, Jr., crashed into to Gibbs’ car. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The verdict in this truck accident case went against CenTra Trucking, which is the trucking company that operated the rig that hit Gibbs. It was argued that Albright, the truck driver, was driving without proper rest and not keeping up his time logs according to regulation. Albright himself was found not guilty of manslaughter in a previous ruling.

While no amount of money can possibly ease the pain of losing a loved one, the verdict will allow Gibbs’ family to cover the expenses that have arisen as a result of the crash. It also shows that trucking companies need to follow the commercial motor carrier regulations as the civil courts system will hold them accountable should they cut any corners.