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Feds Unveil New Database To Track Unsafe Truck Companys And Their Drivers

A new federal system of tracking unsafe truck companies has been unveiled. The new Compliance Safety Accountability program, otherwise known as CSA 2010, was recently implemented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The goal of this new program is to better analyze truck company safety violations and accident information, including those truck crashes in Missouri, and report the data in an easy to understand rating. The new system will allow the FMCSA to implement quicker responses to those tractor trailer companies that exhibit risky behavior with the end result being a decrease in serious injuries and deaths on our highways caused by large commercial trucks. Now, motor carriers can view truck crash and inspection data online by category. Missouri was one of the selected states to have field test models of the new system along with Colorado, Georgia, New Jersey.

For truck accident lawyers in Missouri, researching negligent truck companies and their drivers is expected to be much easier with the new system in place. This Friday, our Missouri personal injury truck lawyers will attend a seminar in St. Louis about this new system and will be up to date on the latest ways to make the most of this information for our personal injury clients.