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Fiery Truck Crash Temporarily Closes Highway 60

An explosive Missouri tractor trailer crash sent one man to the hospital and closed a portion of Highway 60 early Friday morning.

According to local media reports, a tractor trailer ran off the road near Poplar Bluff and then hit a guardrail. Shortly after the impact, the rig burst into flames causing officials to close both lanes of the highway until the fire could be extinguished and the roadway cleared.

One person, presumably the truck driver, was taken by ambulance from the scene, but no word has been released on the person’s identity or condition after this serious tractor trailer injury accident.

Fortunately, no other vehicles were involved in the incident. The highway was cleared by sunrise on Friday morning.

Aside from the enormous size of tractor trailers causing damage in an accident, the large fuel tanks of big rigs can also become a hazard. If ignited, the explosion can be devastating. This is especially true if the trucker is hauling gasoline or other flammable materials. Drivers are required to get special endorsements on their license for HAZMAT and tanker loads to ensure that he or she is prepared for the special challenges these hauls present.

It is not known what the truck was hauling in the Poplar Bluff accident.