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Four Injured In Tractor Trailer Crash

Four people were injured, two seriously, in a Saturday morning tractor trailer accident on Highway 61 near Palmyra, Missouri.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and local media, three of the four injured were riding in a northbound car driven by Lori Peitz, 48. The car was traveling in front of a tractor trailer, driven by Gregory Morris, 44. For some reason, Peitz lost control of the car and began to spin on the roadway. Morris then hit the car with the tractor trailer, then traveled off the roadway where the big rig flipped over. Peitz’s car ended up in the median.

Lori Peitz was taken to Hannibal Regional Hospital for treatment. Also in the car was David Peitz, 48, and Maria Peitz, 10. Both joined Lori at Hannibal Regional, though Maria’s injuries were less serious. Morris was also treated for minor injuries.

No citation was issued for this Missouri truck crash. No details about why the car spun out in the first place was given.

Hopefully all involved make a full recovery.