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Personal Injury Claims Advice and FAQs

personal injury claims advice Personal Injury Claims Advice and FAQsAfter thirty plus years of handling Missouri personal injury and wrongful death cases, our lawyers have provided answers to thousands of client questions. Over the years, we found our clients commonly ask the same or at least very similar questions. In this section of our website, we will address some of these “Frequently Asked Questions.” Simply click on the question below to discover the answer!

What is Medical Payment Coverage?

Under Missouri law, Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Recover Damages for a Person Injured by a Defective Road Condition in a Work Zone?

Under Missouri law, Can a Parent be Held Liable for Personal Injury Caused By Their Child?

What is Sovereign Immunity under Missouri Law and How Does it Affect My Car Accident Claim?

How does a “statute of limitations” affect victims of Missouri car, motorcycle and truck crashes? Is the statute of limitations different for wrongful death claims?

What are “Dram Shop” laws?

What is the Missouri Recreational Land Use Act?

How Much Is My Missouri Personal Injury Claim or Case Worth?

Can I Get Interest On My Personal Injury Claim in Missouri?

What is an Expert Witness and Why Are They Used By Missouri Personal Injury Lawyers?

What is “standard of care” for operating a motor vehicle in Missouri?

Am I at Fault for Not Wearing My Seatbelt in a Missouri Car Accident?

What are Punitive Damages under Missouri Law?

How do I Obtain a Good Car Accident Settlement From the Insurance Company?