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Hazelwood, Missouri

hazelwood Hazelwood, Missouri
Our Hazelwood, Missouri Personal Injury Lawyers help victims who are injured as a result of car accidents,truck crashes, and motorcycle wrecks. Our attorneys at E. Ryan Bradley also handle other personal injury cases including, but not limited to, animal bites, wrongful death, workers compensation, and even product liability. The Hazelwood, MO accident lawyers at E. Ryan Bradley have decades of experience securing top settlements and verdicts for injured persons. In 2010, E. Ryan Bradley received the number one car accident trial result in Missouri: $10,150,000. Remarkably, only three months later,Ryan Bradley obtained the largest trial judgment ever recorded in St. Louis County: $30,040,000.

Hazelwood, Missouri has 25,703 residents making it one of the largest cities in St. Louis County. Hazelwood has maintained steady growth since its incorporation in 1949. Even though the population density is below average for the metropolitan area, Hazelwood’s corporations draw large amounts of commuters each day. Some of the more popular corporations located in Hazelwood, Missouri are Boeing, IBM, and Matrix Packaging.

The large number of people traveling to and from Hazelwood, MO each day creates excessive traffic volumes on the major surrounding roadways. Interstates 270 and 70, and Missouri Highways 67 and 370 connect Hazelwood to the rest of the community. Because the aforementioned roads are those most traveled, they are also the setting for the majority of motor vehicle accidents in Hazelwood.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported 881 car accidents in 2009, making Hazelwood the 23rd city in the state for frequency of traffic crashes. Out of 881 reported accidents, 25% ended in personal injuries or wrongful deaths. There was a slight reduction in the number of total car accidents in 2010: however, accounts of personal injuries remained stagnant and fatalities tripled.

Crash reports show speeding accounting for 19% of all accidents, tractor trailers involved in 7% of accidents, and drinking being the cause of 3% of Hazelwood, MO car wrecks.

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Missouri personal injury laws are very complex and difficult to navigate alone. Prior to speaking with the other driver’s insurance company it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney. Call 314-400-0000 today for your free legal consultation with one of our experienced Hazelwood personal injury attorneys.