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Heard of 411-PAIN? Learn About the Fraud Case GEICO filed against this “Law Firm”

fraud 300x183 Heard of 411 PAIN? Learn About the Fraud Case GEICO filed against this Law Firm

You have probably seen the advertisements for “411-PAIN” plastered around the city, right? Well, Florida, 411-PAIN is a “legal / medical referral” service that is basically a one stop shop for people in car accidents. If you use their services, they direct you to their chiropractors and lawyers. While this is allowed in Florida, the practice is completely unethical in Missouri. Therefore, 411-PAIN operates in Missouri as only a law firm, leaving the medical referral service out of the picture.

Well, apparently one insurer had enough and filed a Fraud / RICO lawsuit against 411-PAIN and the law firm behind it, Kanner & Pentalunga. You can read about the 411-PAIN Fraud Lawsuit here. 

Ouch! Geico doesn’t think much of their business practices! Do you imagine GEICO is paying great settlements on injury cases where this law firm represents the injured person? We seriously doubt it! In fact, we are wondering if this “law firm” is disclosing to its prospective clients the fact they are being sued for fraud. If you are a client of this law firm, isn’t that something you would want to know? Wouldn’t it be a conflict of interest for this “law firm” to knowingly accept an injured person’s case if GEICO is the insuer?

If you are currently represented by this law firm, we encourage you to ask the hard questions to ensure your legal rights are properly protected. If you don’t get answers, call another lawyer. Remember, the choice of a lawyer can affect your life. Choose wisely.