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Jennings, Missouri

jennings Jennings, Missouri
Our Jennings, Missouri personal injury lawyers have assisted injured people for over thirty years. At E. Ryan Bradley, we help victims who have been hurt by negligent drivers, businesses and corporations that unnecessarily put others at risk for serious injury or death. Most personal injuries in the Jennings, Missouri area result from car crashes,truck accidents, and motorcycle collisions, and as a result, a large majority of our case load consists of these types of cases. However, our Jennings, MO car accident lawyers are often called to assist people suffering fromon the job accidents,premises liability cases,product liability and medical malpractice. The Jennings, MO accident attorneys at E. Ryan Bradley have decades of experience securing top settlements and verdicts for injured victims.

Jennings, Missouri was founded in 1839 by James Jennings and is one of the older municipalities that make up St. Louis County. When the Jennings, MO railroad was built in the 1880s the Jennings area became more accessible to St. Louis residents and as a result, the local population of began to grow. There are currently 14,712 citizens of Jennings, many of which are young families with parents who are employed outside the home. In fact, 43% of Jennings residents drive up to 35 minutes to work every day.

Jennings, Missouri is conveniently located ten miles from the City of St. Louis and also 10 miles from St. Louis International Airport. Many Jennings, Missouri commuters take Jennings Station Road, Lucas and Hunt Road, and Interstate 70, to get to work, entertainment, and shopping. Predictably, this is where most Jennings, MO accidents happen. All three major roadways are incredibly busy, especially during the morning and evening rush hours. Many Jennings accidents result in moderate to serious injury and if you were involved in a car wreck in Jennings, MO, it is best to call E. Ryan Bradley to talk with one of our personal injury lawyers to decide with to do next.

Large numbers of commuters leads to an increase in traffic volume. Therefore, there has been an increase in the frequency of car and trucking accidents in the Jennings, MO area. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported 300 accidents in 2009 and 19% resulted in injuries or wrongful deaths, a percentage slightly lower than that of the Missouri average. In 2010, the number of accidents increased by 11% and the percentage of personal injuries remained the same. Thankfully, reports of fatalities were reduced to zero. Many accidents in Jennings involve drivers under the age of 21 (23%), speeding (17%), and large commercial vehicles (6%).

If you have been involved in a Jennings, Missouri accident, you may find the following resources helpful:

  • Jennings Police Department
  • Jennings Fire Department
  • St. Louis County Police Department
  • Christian Hospital
  • SSM DePaul Health Center

If the incident giving rise to your case happened in Jennings, MO, and your personal injury claim cannot be settled with the responsible party or the insurance carrier, your lawsuit would be filed with the Circuit Court of St. Louis County, located at 7900 Carondelet in Clayton, Missouri. Missouri personal injury laws are very complex and are difficult to navigate alone, so it is important to seek legal advice prior to settling your case with the insurance company.

Our Jennings, Missouri injury lawyers do not charge any fee for a consultation. If you decide to hire us, we earn no attorneys’ fee unless we are successful on your case. Call 314-400-0000 today for a free consultation with one of our lawyers about your legal rights. If your case involves the wrongful death of a loved one, we will make arrangements to meet with you and your family members in one comfortable and convenient place, such as your home, in order to make a difficult time a little easier. As always, if you have sustained personal injuries that prevent you from traveling, we will make arrangements to visit with you at your home or hospital room.