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Ladue, Missouri

laude Ladue, Missouri

Our Ladue, Missouri personal injury lawyers have assisted injured people for over thirty years. At E. Ryan Bradley, we help people who have been hurt by negligent persons and corporations that unnecessarily put others at risk for serious injury or death. Many personal injuries in the Ladue, Missouri area result fromcar crashes,truck accidents, and motorcycle collisions. As a result, a large majority of our case load consists of these types of cases. Nevertheless, our Ladue, Missouri car accident lawyers are often called to assist victims suffering fromon the job accidents,premises liability cases,product liability,medical malpractice, and wrongful death.

The Ladue, MO accident attorneys at E. Ryan Bradley have a remarkable history of obtaining fair compensation for our clients. In 2010, E. Ryan Bradley received the number one car accident trial result in Missouri: $10,150,000. Extraordinarily, only three months later,Ryan Bradley obtained the largest trial judgment ever recorded in St. Louis County: $30,040,000.

Ladue, Missouri is a well-respected neighborhood that makes up a small part of central St. Louis County. The population of Ladue is 8,521 and 37% of those residents work outside the home. Ladue, MO is mostly residential. It has a small number of businesses within the city limits, however most of the population works within twenty minutes from their home. As a result, many car accidents happen on Ladue Road, Highways 170, and 64/40.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported 180 accidents in 2009 and 33% resulted in injuries, a percentage higher than the average Missouri. In 2010, the number of accidents, as well as, the instances of personal injury increased only slightly. Additionally, Ladue, Missouri has been fatality free since 2007. Some contributors to Ladue, MO accidents include drivers under the age of 21 (32%), speeding (18%), and large commercial trucks (13%).

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If you have been involved in a car accident in Ladue, Missouri, your lawsuit would be filed with the Circuit Court of St. Louis County, located at 7900 Carondelet Avenue in Ladue, Missouri.

Our Ladue, Missouri injury lawyers do not charge any fee for a consultation. If you decide to hire us, we earn no attorneys’ fee unless we are successful on your case. Call 314-400-0000 today for a free legal consultation with one of our lawyers. As always, if your personal injuries prevent you from traveling, we will make arrangements to visit with you at your home or hospital room.