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Limited Visibility Motorcycle Accident

Statistics show 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in serious injuries or death, compared to only 20% of all auto accidents. One of the factors driving this is the limited visibility of motorcycles.

Limited visibility motorcycle accidents often occur at intersections where parked vehicles, shrubbery and trees can obstruct the view of a motorcyclist from other drivers. In fact, it is reported that up to 70% of limited visibility motorcycle accidents occur at intersections.

Limited visibility motorcycle accidents also frequently occur on highways, where motorcycles are hidden between cars, or behind a large truck, bus or SUV. Weather conditions can also contribute to visibility problems, such as with rain and snow, which can obscure a motorcyclist’s view of other drivers. Riding a motorcycle at night takes the visibility problem to a whole new level.

Making an effort to stay visible to other motorists can go along way to help keep you and your passengers safe. Here are ways to avoid these types of accidents:

  • Wear high visibility gear (brightly colored, reflective clothing):
  • Avoid night driving if at all possible:
  • Turn your lights on before dusk:
  • Reduce your speed:
  • Anticipate a vehicle’s blind spots and do not ride in them:
  • Maintain a safety buffer around your bike in case you need to make a quick maneuver:
  • When riding with a group, ride in a staggered formation:
  • Avoid wearing black clothing or equipment: and
  • Use headlights and running lights when possible.

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