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Mack Truck Crash Seriously Injures Local Man

Michael Braudrick, 48, was seriously injured Monday when the pickup he was driving was involved in a crash with a Mack truck on Missouri 86.

The accident occurred about one mile south of Wheaton, Missouri. The Mack truck, driven by Harold Roberson, 53, was making a left turn onto Missouri 86 from a country road. The large Mack truck pulled into the path of Braudrick’s smaller pickup and he was unable to avoid a collision.

Braudrick was taken to St. John’s Hospital for emergency treatment. Roberson was uninjured and the Mack truck was able to be driven from the scene.

Braudrick was wearing a seat belt.

Some more details need to emerge about this Missouri truck crash before liability can be determined. The speeds of the vehicles will need to be calculated as well as how, exactly, did Roberson make the turn onto Missouri 86. Investigators will determine if he should have yielded to the pickup or if Braudrick should have been able to avoid the crash. Should Roberson be found to have been negligent in this instance, Braudrick may be able to collect damages to cover his medical expenses.

People injured in a Missouri truck accident should think twice before handling these claims on their own or just accepting the answer from the insurance company. Many times, the best way to learn about your rights as a victim and get the repayment you deserve is to contact a Missouri truck accident attorney.