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Man Seriously Injured In Semi-truck Crash

Vernon Stokes, 69, was seriously injured Friday morning after his pickup was hit by a tractor trailer on Highway 60.

According to the initial crash report on file with Missouri State Highway Patrol, the tractor trailer was a 2001 Freightliner being driven by John Hammond, 49. Stokes and Hammond simultaneously approached an intersection on Highway 60. Stokes failed to yield to oncoming traffic when making his turn and pulled in the path of the big rig. Hammond’s tractor trailer slammed into the driver’s side of Stokes’ pickup.

Stokes was seriously injured and rushed to Cox South Hospital. Hammond was uninjured, riding in the larger truck.

This Missouri tractor trailer accident should serve as another warning to be vigilant on the roadways for large trucks. In an accident, they can cause devastating injuries. Hopefully Stokes can make a full recovery.

Driver error, like in most accidents, seems to be the main contributing factor here. Driver’s should give tractor trailers extra clearance on the highways due to their large size and limited mobility. Sometimes, the driver making the error is the tractor trailer driver. Since the vehicles they drive can cause so much damage, truck drivers have to receive special training and are subject to stricter regulation than the average driver. Whenever these regulations are violated, the chances for accidents increases. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a tractor trailer, it is advisable to have your case examined by a tractor trailer accident attorney who is knowledgeable about Federal Motor Carrier Regulations.