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Median Cables To Be Installed After Tractor Trailer Accident

The Missouri Department of Transportation has decided to install median cables along a stretch of highway where a recent Missouri tractor trailer crash occurred which resulted in a car being dragged across the median.

The accident took place Tuesday when a tractor trailer plowed through a line of cars and into the median. Fortunately, nobody was killed, but this truck injury accident is a reminder of why we need to have median cables installed at more locations around the state.

Median cables have become a more common choice for MoDOT over the years due to their effectiveness and relatively low cost. The cables are designed to give way to cars that spin out of control into the median. This bend but don’t break approach keeps the vehicles out of oncoming traffic while doing less damage to the vehicle itself. Since the cable system requires less material and machinery to install than a concrete barrier, they are good fiscal decisions, too.

Since median cables were first installed along some highways, the number of fatal car accidents caused by crossovers has dropped 27%. Due to this success, MoDOT has planned to install more cable medians along smaller highways in the coming years.