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Personal Injury Verdicts Settlements Judgments

$30,040,000.00 Trial Award
C.W. and J.B. v. Eric Tolen

Adams vs King
$10.15 million verdict
#1 Trial Award for Motor Vehicle Accident in Missouri for 2010. Missouri Lawyers Weekly.

Wootens vs Morenzoni and Overnite Transportation Company
Confidential Settlement
Our clients, Roxanne and Randy Wooten were severely injured when a reckless truck driver for Overnite Transportation Company rear ended then on Highway 55 in Sangamon County, just outside of Springfield, Illinois. Overnite’s driver crashed into the Wooten’s van at highway speeds, sending the van down the median where it overturned. Mr. Wooten was able to escape the wreckage, however, Roxanne was trapped for nearly one hour.

Mr. Wooten suffered injury to his spine. Mrs. Wooten sustained multiple rib fractures and a torn rotator cuff. Both were transported to Sangamon Medical Center in Springfield, Illinois following the crash.

The truck driver was issued a citation for violation of Illinois Revised Statute 625 ILCS 5/11-601 by the Illinois Highway Patrol. Our law firm alleged the tractor trailer driver was in violation of numerous Federal Motor Carrier Regulations as well as Illinois law, which contributed to cause this crash.

Our Illinois personal injury lawyers negotiated a pre-trial settlement for a confidential amount against both Overnite’s driver and Overnite Transporatation, which is now known as UPS.

Confidential v. Confidential

Product Liability Settlement against Manufacturer of Exercise equipment.

$4,007,000 judgment
Kuntz vs Haven

Wrongful death involving negligent maintenance of an emergency brake, causing the vehicle to roll on top of and kill the decedent

$2,000,000 settlement
Dolter vs Confidential Truck Company and Confidential Truck Stop

Wrongful death resulting from an 18-wheeler truck accident

$1,000,000 settlement
Raymond Russell vs Judy Taylor

Missouri truck accident wrongful death claim, Knox County, Missouri

$1,000,000 settlement
Hager vs Great American Express, Inc.

Wrongful death case involving a tractor trailer that crossed the center line, running over the decedent’s vehicle

$900,000 settlement
In re: Hazel Cole- Will contest case

Fenelon v. Taylor
settlement during second week of trial in a MVA case,

Maxwell v. Conway Freight
settlement on a wrongful death case.

$321,398.50 verdict
Farr vs Schoeneman

Wrongful death case resulting from an automobile collision

$300,000 verdict
Baldwin vs Wheeler

Missouri car accident on school parking lot with disc herniation, Gasconade County, Missouri

Fu v. Vemulipalli
jury verdict in a car accident case with $13,000 in medical bills.

Illinois truck crash, soft tissue injuries

$240,000 settlement
Mills vs Keystone-Arapahoe Basin, Ltd.

Product liability: fractured pelvis, splenectomy, dislocated shoulder after catastropic failure of Teller lift in Keystone, Colorado.

$125,000 (policy limits) settlement
Becker vs Weider, et al

Truck crash that resulted in multiple skull fractures and a loss of memory

Tractor trailer crash, memory impairment and soft tissue injuries

$150,000 (policy limits)
Wrongful death claim

$150,000.00 (policy limits)
Wrongful Death Claim and separate Personal Injury claim

Marsleen Kerr vs John Allen

Automobile crash with facial lacerations

$100,000.00 (policy limits)
Premises liability, defective pool resulting in neck injury

$100,000 (policy limits)
Rear end motor vehicle crash, soft tissue injuries

$100,000 (policy limits)
Illinois car accident

$100,000 (policy limits)
Missouri truck crash, soft tissue injuries

Nwadibia v. Namin
jury verdict in a no-damage, no medical bills case based upon pain and suffering alone.

*Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case must be judged by its own merits.

J.B and C.W. v. Eric Tolen, 10SL-CC00169, Circuit Court of St. Louis County