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Motorcycle Accident Types

Motorcycles come in an endless array of types, based on the size of the motor, style, and the weight of the frame. While some are designed to merely get around town, others are built for power and speed. There is a correlation between the type of motorcycle involved, the likelihood of a motorcycle accident, and the subsequent injuries that result. For instance, the ejection angles for a rider on a high performance bike are very different from a rider that is on a cruising bike.

It is essential that a Missouri motorcycle accident lawyer have an understanding of both the vehicle dynamics involved, knowledge of rider kinematics (impact angles and rider ejections), and the types of injuries that can result based on these factors. Some different types of motorcycles are as follows:

Touring/Goldwing Bikes: These motorcycles are large bikes, with lots of room for storage. They are built for comfort, and not necessarily agility. Because of this, these bikes are not highly maneuverable in an emergency situation, but can be seen easily by other vehicles.

Harleys: Due to the large wheel bar, these bikes generally do not handle as well as other bikes. On the plus side however, they are more easily noticed by other vehicles because of the noise they generate.

Scooters: This class of bikes would include Vespas, mopeds and other small scooters. They cannot easily accelerate out of an emergency situation because of their limited power.

Off Road, Motorcross: Because these bikes are only driven off road, they rarely get into accidents with other vehicles. When an accident does occur, it is often due to a defect in the bike itself.

Caf&eacute: Racers, Semi Choppers: Statistics report that these bikes are more likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident than other types of bikes. The bikes are modified, which often means safety features have been eliminated.

High Performance: These types of bikes are usually built on racing platforms, which are then modified to be driven on the street. Their frames are very light, and the engines are extremely powerful, often able to reach speeds of up to 160 mph. These types of motorcycles have an extremely high accident rate.

Whether a high performance bike was involved in an accident, or a cruiser, the injuries sustained can be serious. It is important to contact E. Ryan Bradley and discuss the circumstances of your case. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact us today for a free consultation.