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Bicyclist Killed When Hit By Tractor Trailer

Danny Glaspie, 45, was killed in a fatal Missouri tractor trailer accident when he was hit by a truck while riding a bicycle in Kirksville.

According to local media reports and emergency officials, the accident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning on North Baltimore St. Glaspie was riding his bike in the northbound lane when a 2005 Freightliner truck, driven by Richard White, 44, approached from behind. The truck driver was unable to avoid hitting the bicyclist.

Glaspie was taken to Northeast Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.
Our thoughts are with the victim’s family.

The accident is still under investigation with many details yet to emerge. It is not yet known what type of reflective equipment Glaspie was or was not wearing. Investigators will also examine the truck logs and physical evidence to determine the speed of the truck and if the driver was operating the vehicle according to regulations.

Tractor trailer accidents often result in serious injury and have a higher chance of causing a fatality due to the incredible force of these large vehicles. This is especially true when big rigs collide with smaller passenger cars, motorcycles or bikes that offer passengers little to no protection.

Because of these risks, we must make sure to hold trucking companies accountable when they violate regulations. Most companies and drivers drive safely, but those that don’t can give the entire industry a bad name and cause serious tragedy in the process. If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with a commercial truck, contact a Missouri truck accident lawyer as soon as possible.