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Local Driver Involved In Iowa Tractor Trailer Crash

A semi driver from Missouri was involved in a tractor trailer accident Thursday morning in Eastern Iowa, according to local media reports.

Details are sketchy as investigators are still examining the scene, but we do know the tractor trailer was heading westbound on I-80 when the accident occurred. The truck driver, whose name has not been released, attempted to pass a slower moving minivan. Once he had passed the van in the left lane, he began to merge back into the right lane, but apparently misjudged his clearance room. The trailer hit the van and forced it off the roadway into a ditch. The semi also lost control and drove off an I-80 overpass onto Wells Ferry Road. Luckily, there were no cars crushed by the large truck as it fell.

Neither driver was seriously hurt.

The tractor trailer driver is facing citations, according to a KWQC report.

Fortunately, this crash did not result in any severe injuries or death. Many times this is not the case. Negligent operation by tractor trailer drivers and their companies can have deadly consequences. Anybody who is involved in a crash with a tractor trailer in Missouri should contact a Missouri truck accident lawyer to discuss their case. He or she will be able to examine the case and recover damages to help the injured party cope with serious injury and large medical bills.