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Dump Truck Crash Injures Two

David Underdale, 61, and Jeremy Imler, 33, were both seriously injured after the Freightliner dump trucks they were driving collided head-on.

The accident occurred Saturday on Highway 24 in Randolph County, Missouri when, according to a Missouri State Highway Patrol report, a passenger car drove into the path of Underdale’s truck. In order to avoid a potentially fatal truck crash with a passenger car, Underdale swerved to the left. Unfortunately, he lost control of his truck and it veered into oncoming traffic where it collided with Imler’s dump truck.

The passenger car was not listed as damaged on the initial crash report and no other information appears to be known about this third vehicle.

Imler and Underdale survived the accident, but with life-threatening injuries. They were flown to University Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.

Without further investigation into the role of the third car, it is hard to determine who is truly at fault for this Missouri injury accident. The crash report seems to indicate that the third vehicle made a negligent maneuver which caused Underdale to crash, but that is just the opinion of the investigating officer and will need to be backed up by an accident reconstruction. A Missouri personal injury lawyer would be able to coordinate with local investigators to determine who is responsible for this incident and possibly recover damages for the injured parties.