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Man In Serious Condition After Hitting Dump Truck

Wayne Priebe, 66, was seriously injured in a Missouri truck accident after his pickup collided with a dump truck Monday morning on Route B in Lewis County.

Priebe was traveling southbound on Route B when the accident occurred, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. A 2005 Western Star Diesel dump truck, driven by Daniel Fahser, 43, was backing up on 160th Street right off of Route B. As he did so, the dump bed of the truck entered Route B and Priebe was unable to avoid a collision.

Priebe was seriously injured and airlifted to Blessing Hospital for treatment. Fahser was uninjured according to the initial crash report.

The big question surrounding this case is whether the dump truck made a unsafe maneuver in backing up or if Priebe was being inattentive. If the truck driver didn’t have the appropriate reflectors on his dump truck or began backing up in a negligent manner, he will likely be held responsible for the crash. Accident reconstuctionists and investigators can examine the crash scene and determine the speed of the vehicles and whether any violations occurred that may have contributed to the accident.

If violations are discovered, a Missouri truck accident lawyer may be able to recover damages for the injured party. An experienced attorney will be able to used the evidence given by the investigators to reveal all violations and recover the maximum award to compensate a victim for their medical bills and other expenses.