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Mist Claim Lawyer

If you have been involved in a Missouri car accident, the insurance adjuster may have referred to your injuries or case as a “MIST” case. “MIST” is an acronym coined by the insurance industry, which stands for “minor impact, soft tissue.”

Often, insurance adjusters will automatically decide your case is a “MIST” case by referencing photographs of the vehicles. Some insurance adjusters believe they can accurately gauge a car wreck victim’s injuries by the amount of damage to the vehicle. This is a complete fallacy and it simply a tool used by insurers to categorize cases and justify the payment of low settlements.

The fact is soft tissue injuries can be very painful and debilitating. In some cases, people with soft tissue injuries cannot return to work, develop early onset of arthritis, as well as a host of other complications.

In Missouri, some personal injury lawyers have bought into the insurer’s notion that “soft tissue” cases are of little value. E. Ryan Bradley understands a soft tissue injury can be worse than a broken bone. Our attorneys have litigated many soft tissue cases and have experienced great success in obtaining results far above than the low offers made by insurance adjusters.

You deserve a fair settlement. Our job and number one goal is to obtain you a great settlement or take your case to trial. If the insurance adjusters are telling you the Missouri automobile crash you were in was “no big deal” or categorize it as a “MIST” case, contact our lawyers for a free consultation. During this consultation, our trial lawyers will share with you the research and methods we use to combat the fallacy which is the “MIST” case.