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MoDot Worker Injured In Construction Site Crash

Many times when you hear about a Missouri truck accident injury, it means that a large truck or tractor trailer has crashed into and injured another driver. Sometimes, though, another vehicle can crash into the truck and cause serious personal injury to the driver. This will often occur at constructions zones and that was exactly the case on Monday.

Corey Washington, 35, was injured Monday after the MoDOT truck he was in was crashed into by another vehicle.

According to the initial crash report filed by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Washington had stopped his Missouri Department of Transportation truck along a construction zone on Highway 370 in St. Charles. While the truck was stopped in a lane of traffic, Washington had activated the warning lights. William Macy, 45, was driving a 2001 Dodge Dakota and failed to see the MoDOT truck in the roadway. Macy’s vehicle crashed into the rear of the truck.

Washington was taken to St. Joseph Health Center for treatment. Macy was uninjured according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

There is no indication yet on whether or not a citation will be issued to Macy.

If Macy is charged with some kind of violation for reckless driving through a construction zone, the penalty may be more severe than if the accident hadn’t involved a MoDOT worker.

Washington may also be able to collect damages to pay for his medical bills if a St. Charles area personal injury attorney examines this case. An investigation into the Missouri construction site accident will first need to take place to determine the speed of Macy’s vehicle and the exact location of the MoDOT truck at the time of the crash.