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Most Trucking Companies Have Not Checked Status Under New Rules

According to the Federal Carrier Safety Administration, the majority of trucking companies have not logged on to the CSA 2010 website to check their safety performance rating data. The new system was designed to better analyze tractor trailer crash and inspection data to give a more accurate safety rating.

Some worry that the trucking industry is not invested in the new program since so few have logged in to check their rating. Over 11,000 carriers have checked their status compared to nearly 500,000 total carriers that could be affected by the new rules.

While some of the apparent lack of interest can be attributed to the fact that some of the 500,000 may not have enough data in the system to give accurate performance ratings, the numbers are much lower than regulators would hope.

The new program hopes to cut down on the number of tractor trailer injury accidents in Missouri and around the country by giving more detailed ratings of companies and drivers. It is unfortunate that so many carriers seem to have little interest in the safety program. Hopefully, as the program leaves the test phase and goes nationwide in November, more carriers will get behind the new program and commit to making our highways safer.