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Motorcycle Accidents in Missouri

If you are looking for a Missouri motorcycle accident lawyer, The Bradley Law Firm secured Missouri’s #1 motorcycle settlement in 2014, as verified by the Missouri Lawyers’ Weekly. missouri law weekly e ryan bradley 400 194x300 Motorcycle Accidents in Missouri

Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

We hear the same thing over and over from our clients: “The other driver didn’t see me.”

Unfortunately, today’s drivers are more distracted than ever and some cannot perceive a car let alone a motorcycle. It is extremely important to remember this and be overly cautious when riding. Never assume another driver sees your bike. This is the easiest way to prevent a serious motorcycle crash in Missouri.

Motorcycle accidents result in some of the worst injuries we see on the roadway. Crash statistics indicate riders are four times more likely to sustain injury and 21 times as likely to die as compared to those in vehicles.

In a motorcycle crash, riders have little or no protection to prevent injury. It is important to consult with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to investigate your claim. At The Bradley Law Firm, we are motorcycle lawyers and know how to properly advise you and your family.

Types of Motorcycle Cases We Handle

The Bradley Law Firm has Missouri accident attorneys who have handled the following types of motorcycle cases:

  • Car v. Motorcycle crashes
  • Tractor Trailer v. Motorcycle crashes
  • Motorcycles hitting fixed objects on or near the roadway
  • Passenger v. Motorcycle driver cases
  • Defective motorcycle parts that cause crashes
  • Defectively designed roadways causing riders to lose their center of gravity
  • Defectively maintained roadways that cause crashes
  • Faulty traffic signals
  • Other motorcyclists riding in a pack that lose control
  • Harley Davidson “death wobbles”
  • Defective tire cases

Local Motorcycle Laws in Missouri and Illinois

In an effort to prevent serious personal injuries from motorcycle crashes, Missouri motorcycle laws require all riders to wear helmets. Motorcycle helmets help reduce head injuries and brain injuries by reducing the impact force from a blunt strike.

In many instances, motorcycle helmets mean the difference between brain damage and a broken skull. Statistics prove motorcycle helmets reduce incidents of brain damage.

In our sister state of Illinois, no helmet is required. Motorcycle operators should realize the difference between the motorcycle laws and make sure they comply with Missouri’s motorcycle laws when they cross the border.

Often, defense lawyers blame motorcycle riders for their own injuries, even if the crash was not their fault, because they “assumed the risk” of riding a motorcycle. While this may be true, Missouri law specifically states that motorcycle riders do not assume the risk of riding a motorcycle, thereby prohibiting this harsh argument.

Inexperienced lawyers who do not regularly handle motorcycle crashes may not be aware of this obscure Missouri law.

Filing a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

It is important to be aware of Missouri’s statute of limitations in connection with motorcycle accident cases. It is five years. This means you must contact a lawyer who handles motorcycle accidents to investigate your case well before the statute runs out.

The sooner you contact a personal injury lawyer to investigate your motorcycle claim, the better. These cases are time sensitive and if you do not quickly secure evidence, it can be destroyed or lost forever.

Based in St. Louis, the Bradley Law Firm has handled numerous personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from motorcycle accidents. Speak today with an experienced motorcycle personal injury attorney, about your case, for free.

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