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Motorcyclist Killed In Accident With Semi-Tractor

A Texas man was killed Sunday when his motorcycle hit a semi-tractor near Arlington, Texas.

The man, whose name was not yet released, crashed into the semi on Interstate 20 in Texas. He was thrown from his bike and crossed the median where he was found and pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the truck, which was not hauling a trailer at the time of the fatal motorcycle accident, was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Often a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit involving a motorcycle crash will occur because the other vehicles on the road will not see the smaller motorcycle and cut it off or run it off the roadway. Still other times the motorcyclist may have been making a dangerous maneuver and caused the accident himself. Personal injury attorneys and trained professionals should be contacted to investigate these accidents to see if a negligent action caused the injury.

In the case of the Texas crash, investigators had shut down the highway to gather evidence and try to determine the cause of the crash. It is not known at this time who was at fault in this particular case.