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Multiple Tractor Trailers Involved In Wreck

Three tractor-trailers were involved in a Missouri truck accident on I-29 near St. Joseph.

According to local media reports, there were multiple collisions in this incident. The first tractor-trailer struck a car in front of it in the snowy weather causing other vehicles behind to make evasive maneuvers to avoid further collisions. Mac Grant, the driver of the second tractor-trailer, tried to stop to avoid the first accident, but in doing so a third big rig crashed into his truck. The impact of the second crash sent both trucks into the median.

Fortunately, despite the weather and multiple collisions, nobody was seriously injured in this Missouri tractor-trailer accident.

Missouri is approaching the end of winter, but the temperature is still cold enough to make patches of ice on the roadway. Use extra caution when driving in winter weather and make sure that you leave plenty of space between you and other cars and trucks on the road.

Even if you follow every safety tip in the book, other drivers may involve you in an accident with their negligent driving. If this should happen to you or a member of your family, consult a Missouri personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn your rights as an accident victim and make sure you receive fair compensation.