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Northern Semi-Tractor Trailer Crash Blocks Part Of I-29

Traffic on Interstate 29 near Dearborn, Missouri had to deal with the highway being limited to one lane after a Tuesday morning tractor trailer crash spilled debris on the roadway.

According to local media reports, two tractor trailers were involved. One was carrying soda and the other was hauling milk. Details of how this Missouri truck accident occurred are sketchy at the moment, but the soda truck did lose its cargo onto the road while the milk truck went off the road and down a 40 foot embankment. At the moment, it is not known if other vehicles were involved or if it was just the two commercial trucks.

At least one person was injured, but names have not been released.

With the limited details available, it’s hard to deduce what caused the accident. Weather might have played a factor as well as darkness since the accident was more than an hour before sunrise. Investigators will look into these and other possible factors as well as determine if any motor carrier regulations were violated.

If more details emerge, we will add them here.