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Ntsb Says Fatigue Likely Contributed To Fatal Tractor Trailer Crash

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board who had been examining evidence from a fatal tractor trailer crash involving a truck that left from Missouri have evidence to believe that fatigue played a major role in the cause of the accident.

The deadly truck accident took place last June near Tulsa, Oklahoma. The driver, Donald Creed, 76, worked for a Kansas City company called Associated Wholesale Grocers and departed from Springfield, Missouri on the morning of the crash.

The tractor trailer crashed into a line of cars that had stopped due to an earlier accident. Multiple vehicles were crushed and 10 people were killed, including a six-year-old boy. Physical evidence at the scene showed no signs that the driver of the big rig tried to slow down or avoid the collision.

Based on travel logs made available to the investigators, the NTSB says that Creed left in early morning hours and probably had only five hours of sleep. Creed also suffers from sleep apnea, according to media reports of the investigation. This condition can keep those who suffer from it from having a good night’s sleep and leaves sufferers feeling fatigued.

NTSB officials are finalizing their investigation and will later release a full report of the crash and its causes, as well as provide recommendations to prevent this accident from occurring in the future