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One Man Injured In Alabama Tractor Trailer Crash

Local authorities are investigating a tractor trailer injury crash in Tuscumbia, Alabama that sent one man to the hospital Thursday afternoon.

According to local media reports, two tractor trailer trucks were each traveling west on U.S. highway 72 at approximately 3:10 p.m. One of the trucks rear-ended the other with enough force to send debris and oil over the roadway.

Officials did not identify the drivers, but one of them suffered serious injury and was taken to Decatur General Hospital for treatment.

The westbound lanes of the highway were shut down for hours as the debris and oil was cleaned away.

No indication was given as to what may have caused the accident or if any citation will be issued to either driver. The truck crash is still under investigation by the Tuscumbia Police Department.

If evidence is found that either driver was negligent and caused the accident, a tractor trailer accident lawyer may be called in to recover damages to pay for expenses arising from the crash. Since the drivers were commercial truck operators, they are held to higher standards than the average driver and must keep detailed logs of their driving to ensure they don’t violate any federal motor carrier regulations.