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Parkville, Missouri

parkville Parkville, Missouri
The Parkville, Missouri accident attorneys at E. Ryan Bradley frequently handle personal injury cases within Missouri. Our Parkville, Mo personal injury attorneys have over three decades of experience in personal injury cases, including car accidents, commercial truck wrecks, motorcycle collisions, and ATV accidents. Although E. Ryan Bradley primarily deals with victims of motor vehicle accidents, we also specialize in wrongful death cases, product liability, nursing home neglect and abuse, and premises liability cases.

Our experienced attorneys at E. Ryan Bradley regularly obtain fair compensation for injuries sustained by innocent victims of many types of accidents. For example, in 2010, E. Ryan Bradley was awarded the highest trial judgment ever recorded in St. Louis County: $30,040,000. Because of our success and expertise, lawyers throughout Missouri frequently call on us for advice.

Parkville, Missouri was organized in 1838 and is located in the northwest region of Missouri. Parkville, Mo is perhaps most famous for being home to the Steamboat Arabia. The Steamboat Arabia is a steamboat that sunk to the bottom of the Missouri River in 1856 and remained hidden until 1988 when the Hawley’s discovered it buried in a Parkville, Mo crop field. Parkville is also home to Park University which, in 2010, was named as having the best value of all private colleges and universities.

Park University in a central point in Parkville, Missouri and is bordered on two sides by Missouri Highway 9. MO-9 also happens to be where the majority of accidents (37%) occur in Parkville, Mo. The close proximity of major roadways to any college or university predictably means many accidents (30%) involve drivers 21 years old and younger. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol there were 218 car crashes in 2009 and 16% produced injuries or wrongful deaths. Unfortunately, reports of motor vehicle accidents with injuries in 2010 increased 25% and fatalities doubled. Missouri Highway 9 and Parkville, Mo city streets remain the most dangerous roadways for commuters.

If you have been involved in a car crash in Parkville, Missouri, here are some resources you might find helpful:

  • St. Luke’s Health Systems
  • North Kansas City Hospital
  • Parkville, Mo Police Department
  • Southern Platte Fire District

If you are a victim of personal injury in Parkville, Missouri and your claim cannot be settled with the insurance company, your personal injury lawsuit would need to be filed with the Circuit Clerk’s office in Platte County. The Circuit Court of Platte County is located at 328 Main Street, 5-CH, Platte City, Missouri. Personal injury laws are very complex and it is crucial that you speak with an experienced personal injury attorney in Missouri before you file any case with the court. Failure to file correctly could mean that your case will be dismissed by the Court.

As always, if you have serious personal injuries that prevent you from traveling, our Parkville, Missouri car accident lawyers will make arrangements to come to your hospital room or home to meet with you. At E. Ryan Bradley we do not charge for consultations. If you decide to hire our injury lawyers, we do not earn an attorney’s fee unless we are successful on your case. Call 314-400-0000 today for your free consultation with a Missouri accident lawyer about your legal rights.