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Passenger Van Accidents

Passenger vans have traditionally been the first choice of Missouri organizations transporting large numbers of people. While they are a relatively inexpensive means of transportation for large groups, there are serious concerns regarding their overall safety. Since 1990 there have been over 1,200 fatal passenger van accidents. Passenger vans are the most likely of any vehicle to be involved in a rollover accident. These vans have been deemed unsafe by the United States government and it is currently unlawful to use them to transport children. Lawyers for those injured in passenger van accidents must have an understanding of federal and state laws to effectively represent those injured by these dangerous vehicles.

Design Flaws: High Center of Gravity

The safety issues with passenger vans stem from flaw in their overall design. Passenger vans are longer, higher and wider than most vehicles on the road, causing them to have a high center of gravity. The inherently awkward design of passenger vans is further compromised when transporting a full load of passengers and cargo. Passenger vans carrying over 10 people can have a center of gravity as high as the vehicle’s steering wheel, which can cause a rollover in the even the most minor of St. Louis traffic accidents.

Poor design and a high center of gravity (which is even higher when passenger vans are put to their intended use) unnecessarily compromises passenger safety. When carrying more than 15 people, passenger vans have a 70% probability of rolling over. This likelihood combined with even the most minor of human error has proven to be dangerous and even deadly. What may be deemed reasonable cornering speeds for an average car can prove deadly in a passenger van.

Despite the proven dangers, little change has been made to the overall design of these vans in the last 30 years. The Missouri and U.S. government, as well as auto manufacturers, have issued warnings of these dangers, even placing restrictions on who can lawfully drive and ride in passenger vans. However, serious and deadly passenger van accidents continue to occur every year.

Free Consultations on Passenger Van Accidents

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