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Cases Involving Pedestrian and Crosswalk Accidents


If you are looking for a pedestrian accident lawyer, you have come to the right place.  We understand being hit by car can forever change your life. We have helped dozens of unfortunate victims find just compensation for their injuries in these kinds of cases. In Missouri, car accidents between vehicles and pedestrians occur at the statistical rate of once every 110 minutes. Personal injury lawyers must have an understanding of all state traffic laws and local ordinances to effectively represent those hit by cars. the street.

Types of Pedestrian and Crosswalk Cases We Handle:

The Bradley Law Firm has successfully handles all types of injury cases from cars hitting people, including:

  • Crosswalk strikes;
  • Outside of Crosswalk strikes;
  • Motorist failure to yield to motorists;
  • Drunk drivers that hit people;
  • People hit in parking lots;
  • Gas station injuries;
  • Tractor trailers that hit people;
  • Uninsured motorists that hit pedestrians; and
  • Underinsured motorists who hit people.

Who Has the Right Of Way, A Car or A Person Crossing The Street?

Missouri law requires motorists use the highest degree of care in the operation of their vehicles. This is a higher duty of care than is required of a person crossing a street. Missouri law only requires pedestrians to use “ordinary care,” which is defined as the care a reasonably prudent person would use in the same or similar circumstance. This difference in legal duty is the starting point for analyzing who has the right of way, or who was at fault in a pedestrian versus car accident.

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. Rather, each case must be evaluated on its own merits, with an eye towards who failed to uphold their legal duty to the other. Sometimes, both the driver and the pedestrian can be at fault. This is called comparative fault.

Often, defense lawyers will argue a plaintiff was at fault because they failed to walk within crosswalks, violated traffic signals, darted into traffic, jaywalked or impeded the flow of traffic. The job of a plaintiff’s lawyer is to gather as many facts which show the defendant did or did not do things that he or she should have done and how those caused or contributed to cause the crash.

Will Car Insurance Cover Injuries to A Person Hit By A Car?

Under Missouri law, all liability policies must provide coverage for a driver’s negligence. In addition, all policies of insurance must have uninsured motorist coverage, which means your own car insurance will cover you if you are hit by an uninsured motorist- even if you are not in your car. Also, if you have medical payment coverage on your own insurance policy, it may provide benefits as well.

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