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Man Seriously Injured In Crash With Tractor Trailer

Ricky Hotop, 48, was hospitalized with serious injuries after crashing his pickup into a tractor trailer in Perry County, Missouri.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, this Missouri tractor trailer crash occurred on County Road 606 near Route K. The tractor trailer was stopped in the westbound lane of the roadway at around 5:20 p.m. Hotop, who was also traveling westbound, apparently didn’t see the tractor trailer and crashed into the back of it, totaling his pickup.

Hotop was taken to Perry County Memorial Hospital for emergency treatment. The tractor trailer driver was uninjured.

In many cases of a rear end collision, a driver is usually distracted and not focused on the road ahead of him. Occasionally, there are circumstances where the driver in the rear is not totally at fault. If a car or tractor trailer is stopped over the crest of a hill, for instance, this creates a very dangerous situation where other drivers may not have the opportunity to stop their vehicles in time. Large tractor trailers should also put out road markers and keep lights on after dusk in order to warn other drivers and prevent serious tractor trailer accidents.

The initial crash report and local media have not released information as to what might have caused this particular crash in Perry County. Further investigation is needed to determine whether Hotop was simply being inattentive, whether the tractor trailer was placed in a dangerous position, or both.