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Priest Abuse LawyerOur Catholic church priest abuse lawyers stand ready to help if you were sexually abused by a clergy member. Our law firm has a track history of prosecuting civil claims against the most powerful members of society. The Bradley Law Firm demonstrated it does not back down from the most high profile sexual abuse claims.

As the catholic church sex scandal was exposed Ryan Bradley took on a federal prosecutor who was accused of sexually molesting three young boys. At that time, no other law firm would touch the case. We filed a civil lawsuit against federal prosecutor Eric Tolen and obtained a judgment in excess of $30 Million dollars.

Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

Beginning in the early 1990s many of the wrongdoings by priests, nuns, and other members of various religious organizations began to receive media attention exposing decades of abuse to altar boys and other minors. Thereafter, the Catholic Church continued to deny these events ever took place. In fact, church officials criticized victims who made accusations of rape.

For decades, there was a code of silence within the Catholic church to cover up priest abuse.

The following clergy members were publically accused of abuse as reported by Some of these priests were convicted of criminal wrongdoing while some only had civil claims made against them.

Diocese of Jefferson City Abuse Claim Lawyer

In total, 35 priests from the Jefferson City Mo have had allegations of abuse made against them. This list includes Hugh Behan, Geoffrey A. Brooke, David, G. Buescher, Kevin Clohessy, Jude Collins, Manus Daly, John B. DeAngelis, John F. Degnan, Louis E. Dorn, Brendan Doyle, Robert W. Duesdieker, Thomas Duggan, Stephen L. Faletti, John H. Fisher, Donal Greene, Melvin Lahr, John Long, Eric Lucas, Patrick McMyler, James P. McNally, James J. Mohan, Deusdedit Mulokozi, Silas Musholt, Dominic Nixon, Anthony J. O’Connell, Charles H. Patterson, Gary W. Pool, Eric A. Schlachter, John Joseph Schutty, Robert G. Scobee, Thomas Seifner, Sean J. Smyth, Timothy Tatro, Donald Wallace, and John J. Whiteley.

Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph Abuse Claim Lawyer

In total 37 priests from the Kansas Cit- St. Joseph diocese were alleged to have committed abuse. Those individuals include James Ahren, John C. Baskett, Michael E. Brewer, Robert M. Cameron, Phillip J. Coury, Thomas Cronin, Robert Noel Deming, James H. Ford, Burton J. Fraser, Richard Geimer, John Giacopelli, Joseph Hart, Mark A. Honhart (Honart), Sylvester J. Hoppe, Joseph Jakubowski, Earl Johnson, James Lawbaugh, Francis E. McGlynn, Hugh F. Monahan, Stephen J. Muth, Thomas J. O’Brien, Thomas Parrott, Bede Parry, Regis Probsifield, Shawn Francis Ratigan, Thomas M. Reardon, Michael Rice, Joseph Vincent Sullivan, Hugh Tasch, Michael Tierney, Isaac True, John Tulipana, James Urbanic, Thomas J. Ward, Thomas Waterman, Jerry Joseph Wegenek and Stephen Wise.

Diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau Abuse Claim Lawyer

In total 21 priests from the Springfield- Cape Girardeau diocese have had various claims of made against them. They include Wayne J. Barron, John A. Brath, Leonard R. Chambers, Walter J. Craig, Eugene Deragowski, William E. Donovan, Mark C. Ernstmann, Lawrence E. Gregovich, Stephen A. Juda, Frederick J. Lutz, Ernest Marquart, Paul McHugh, Edgar Probstfield, John J. Rynish, Mark Santo, Stephen A. Schneider, Amel A. Shibley, Bernard Vedder, Wallace G. Wellinger, John Wells and Louis Wyrsch.

Archdiocese of St. Louis Abuse Claim Lawyer

In total, there are 97 different priessts that served the Archdiocese of St. Louis with public claims of abuse made against them. These individuals include Alexander R. Anderson, Robert H. Babka, Carl Beckman, James A. Beine, Felix Bland, Francis Blase, Albert Bockelmann, Donald Brinkman, Maurice Byrne, John J. Campbell, John Robert Campbell, Michael A. Campbell, William Anthony Christensen, Norman H. Christian, Francis X. Cleary, James A. Condon, Thomas T. Cooper, Hubert Creason, Charles M. DeGuire, George Dreher, Judith R. Fisher, Alfred J. Fitzgerald, Bruce Forman, Michael A. Freymuth, James A. Funke, Chester E. Gaiter, George W. Galovich, John L. Gavin, John J. Ghio, Glennon J. Goellner, James Patrick Grady, Thomas J. Graham, James L. Gummersbach, Donald Henry Heck, Kevin F. Hederman, Vincent A. Heier, John P. Hess, John W. Hough, Bernard Huhn, Fred Hummel, Xiu Hui Jiang, Robert Johnston, John J. Kaske, Jerome Keaty, Francis J. Kegel, William A. Kelley, Louis Kertz, Dennis P. Kirchoff, Henry J. Kohnen, Marvin C. Kopff, Philip D. Kraus, Bryan M. Kuchar, Richard L. Lause, Gerhardt B. Lehmkuhl, Joseph P. Lessard, Alexander Lippert, Eugene A. Malo, Aloysius J. Marschner, Dennis J. McClintock, John Roger McDonough, Michael S. McGrath, James McLain, James L. McShane, Louis Meinhardt, Charles H. Miller, Joseph M. O’Brien, Bernard O’Flynn, Russell Obmann, Robert R. Osborne, James J. Pavlik, Paul C. Pilgram, Nickolas Eugene Pinkston, William C. Poepperling, Thaddeus Posey, Albert A. Rehme, Joseph D. Ross, Lawrence C. Schierhoff, Michael L. Seidel, Anthony J. Short, James Frederick Stauber, Donald J. Straub, Gregory J. Sutton, James Thiel, Maximilian Toczylowski, Michael W. Toohey, Daniel A. Triulzi, Leroy A. Valentine, William F. vatterott, Keith M. Westrich, John R. Wieberg, Richard H. Witzofsky, Gary P. Wolken, John J. Woulfe, Robert J. Yim, Dennis B. Zacheis and Ralph Zimmer.

Catholic Priest Convictions

While many convicted priests listed above were jailed, many were not. Regardless of whether a particular priest faced criminal prosecution or were jailed, you may have a civil claim.

Pope Francis Motu Proprio Vos estis lux mundi

On May 9, 2019, Pope Francis finally enacted the Motu Proprio Vos estis lux mundi which required all clergy to report sex abuse cases and cover-ups by superiors. Per this order, every single diocese in the world must implement systems for victims to report abuse or coverup by June 2020.

Missouri Statute of Limitations for Sex Abuse Claims

In Missouri, the statute of limitations is 10 years for claims of sexual abuse against any person within the third degree of consanguinity. However, if the abuse happened before the victim was 18 years old, this qualifies as “childhood sexual abuse” and the statute of limitations is still 10 years, but it does not begin to run until the person turns 21 or within 3 years of the date the person discovers or should have discovered the abuse, whichever is later. Our Catholic church abuse lawyers can analyze the facts of your specific case and determine if your claim is barred by the statute of limitations. If the abuse occurred outside the State of Missouri, a different statute may apply.

Catholic Church Abuse Lawyers

If you were a victim of sexual assault and need a sexual abuse attorney to review your case, we can help. We will specifically investigate your abuser and determine if a civil case may be made against the individual and church.

Free Consultations and Contingency Fees

We offer free confidential consultations on all Catholic Church sexual abuse claims. Additionally, we charge no attorneys’ fee unless we are successful on your case. Contact us today to discuss your priest sexual abuse in confidence with our attorneys.

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