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If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, you probably have a lot on your mind. Our St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers are here to help you during this difficult time. We are dedicated to helping you get your life back together and alleviate your stress. 

The St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers at the Bradley Law Firm  have a track history of securing the top settlements and verdicts. In fact, Ryan Bradley set the record for the #1 motorcycle accident recovery in the City of St. Louis. 

We handle serious personal injury and fatal motorcycle accidents in both Missouri and Illinois. You deserve to have the best motorcycle accident attorney by your side when you make an insurance claim or are pursuing litigation.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle accidents often result in severe, life-long injuries. Riders are 27 times more likely to result in a fatality than a car accident. Helmets help keep motorcycle riders protected, but are only 37% successful in fatality prevention. Statistics show 80% of all motorcycle accident injuries result in major damage or wrongful death. Only 20% of all auto accidents result in such damage.

A good St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to look beyond the obvious to obtain a full recovery. At The Bradley Law Firm, we will work aggressively on your case. All we do is serious personal injury claims and wrongful death.

Missouri Motorcycle Accident Reports

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident today you might be looking for the police report. It will not be available for a week or so. However, the Missouri State Highway Patrol does keep a list of crashes that is updated throughout each day.

If a loved one was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident today, there will be a reconstruction report in addition to the regular one. If you need a copy of your crash report or accident reconstruction we will get it.

Establishing Fault in Missouri Motorcycle Accidents

You must prove the other driver was negligent. To prove negligence, your St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney must prove the other driver did not use the highest degree of care and that caused your damages. In Missouri all drivers have an obligation to use the highest degree of care.

Common examples of negligence by other drivers include:

  • Driving while drunk;
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs;
  • Not signaling when required to do so;
  • Running red lights;
  • Illegal U-turns;
  • Speeding;
  • Motorcycle hit and runs;
  • Slamming on the brakes;
  • Stopping without proper warning;
  • Failing to keep a careful lookout;
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way;
  • Following too closely; and
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road, etc.

How Will Your St. Louis Motorcycle Accident Law Firm Investigate My Crash?

In addition to establishing the liability of the other driver, we will also investigate whether other factors caused the crash. In Missouri, there can be more than one cause of a crash. If you have to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit, we can include multiple defendants. We will specifically look for liability in connection with:

  • Whether a defect on the motorcycle caused the crash;
  • If hazardous road conditions played a factor;
  • Whether there were proper intersection sight distances for all drivers to see one another;
  • Whether the roadway had the proper traffic control devices;
  • If a mechanical condition on either vehicle contributed to cause the crash;
  • If the at-fault person was drinking alcohol; and
  • Whether dram shop liability exists, etc.

Founding partner, Ryan Bradley is very experienced and skilled at proving negligence. He has successfully helped many clients get the compensation they needed to rebuild their life. Possible negligent parties include the other driver, the city, and the vehicle manufacturer. After determining who was at fault, Ryan will aggressively work to prove all responsible parties’ negligence.

What Damages Can I Recover in a Motorcycle Accident Case?

If you are in a motorcycle crash in Missouri, your St. Louis motorcycle accident attorney may fight for the following damages:

  • Property damage;
  • Prior medical bills;
  • Future medical bills (we will hire an expert to figure those out);
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Past wages;
  • Future lost wages (again, an expert will determine those losses);
  • Lost employment benefits;
  • In some cases lawyer’s fees; and
  • Punitive damages in special circumstances.

What Happens to My Compensation If the At-Fault Driver Has Low or Minimum Insurance Limits?

Many times, the operator of the at-fault car does not have enough insurance to cover all your losses. In bad motorcycle accidents, the insurance company will usually make a settlement offer for the limits of insurance. However, it is important to never sign a release until you have secured the help of top St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers

Insurance adjusters that handle motorcycle accident claims will trick you into letting their insured off the hook. If you sign the insurance company’s release, you are forever giving up your legal rights against the driver and the insurer. You are already a motorcycle accident victim. Letting the insurance adjuster victimize you again is not right.

Sometimes, although it happens rarely, the person may have substantial assets to cover your damages. We always run a comprehensive asset investigation to determine if this is one of those cases.

In these instances, you need a motorcycle injury lawyer who knows how to look beyond the obvious. We will determine if other factors caused the motorcycle crash. In one motorcycle case, we turned a $250,000 case into a case worth over $10,000,000.00. In personal injury cases with low liability limits, you need a lawyer who knows how to get a full recovery.

How Can Motorcycle Accidents be Prevented? 

The number one cause of motorcycle crashes is the limited visibility of the biker. This means other drivers simply do not see the bike. These often happen at intersections where parked vehicles, shrubbery and trees can obstruct the view of a motorcycle from other drivers. In fact, it is reported that up to 70% of limited visibility motorcycle accidents occur at intersections.

Making an effort to stay visible to other motorists can go a long way to help keep you and your passengers safe. Here are ways to avoid these types of accidents:

  • Wear high visibility gear (brightly colored, reflective clothing);
  • Avoid night riding if at all possible;
  • Turn your lights on before dusk;
  • Reduce your speed;
  • Anticipate and avoid blind spots;
  • Maintain a safety buffer around your motorcycle in case you need to make a quick maneuver;
  • When riding with a group, ride in a staggered formation;
  • Avoid wearing black clothing or equipment; and
  • Use headlights and running lights at all times.

Insurance companies will often cite one of the above factors to argue the motorcyclist was negligent and caused their own injuries. In Missouri, this is called comparative fault.

Missouri Motorcycle Laws

The laws for operating a motorcycle in Missouri are mostly the same for regular cars with a few exceptions. First, the operator must pass a motorcycle specific examination. It is illegal for a motorcycle owner to allow a non-licensed person to ride it on public roadways.

If the motorcycle is operated on public roadways riders must wear “protective headgear at all times while the vehicle is in motion.” The headgear must meet minimum standards as established by the Director of Revenue.

Sometimes insurance defense lawyers argue a motorcycle rider is responsible for assuming the risk of riding a dangerous vehicle. Thankfully, Missouri law specifically states in statute 537.055 that operation of a motorcycle is not evidence of comparative negligence. Every single time defense lawyers try to argue this we shut it down immediately.

Our St. Louis motorcycle accident lawyers will assess the negligence involved in your case. If there are any arguments for the insurance company to claim comparative fault we will investigate them. Finally, we will assess your damages. We will then hire all experts necessary to assist in working up your case.

Our Motorcycle Accident Contingency Fees

Our motorcycle lawyers do not charge any fee for our services unless you recover money. At our motorcycle accident law firm clients never pay any money out of pocket.

Motorcycle Attorney Ryan Bradley

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Remember: Motorcycle Awareness Month is in May

May is designated “Motorcycle Awareness Month” in Missouri. State law actually encourages people to “observe the month with appropriate activities and events.” The Bradley Law Firm sponsors motorcycle rallies and gatherings throughout the state to promote motorcycle safety.


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Our Personal Injury Attorneys have proudly collected TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in compensation for clients.

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