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Our sSpinal Cord Injurypinal cord injury lawyers have repeatedly obtained multi-million dollar results for paralysis victims. We have experience handling cases ranging from bruised spinal cords to those that were actually severed. The effects from spinal injuries can range from temporary nerve damage to permanent loss of function or paralysis. The Bradley Law Firm’s spinal cord injury lawyers have assisted many individuals and families dealing with these life-altering injuries.

What separates our spinal cord injury lawyers from the others?

Simply put, there are only a handful of lawyers who truly have the experience to properly handle a paralysis case. You may be familiar with some of the advertisements on TV and internet where law firms claim fantastic results, like “over 1 Billion recovered” for our clients. Well, McDonalds may have served over 300 Billion cheeseburgers, but does that mean they are the best? Of course not. Beyond that, these are almost always law firms with dozens or hundreds of lawyers who pool all their individual results together. If you have a paralysis case, you need and deserve a lawyer who will dedicate almost all their time to your case. Thats right, almost all their time.

Personally, I limit my case load to no more than 5 catastrophic injury cases at any one time. This way, I can ensure my attention and focus is not diluted. You will want to ensure your lawyer has experience in handling paralaysis cases all the way through trial. There are tons of lawyers who claim to be “paralysis attorneys” but very few have taken a case like this to trial. We have. Finally, we typically spend around $500,000 in actual expenses to properly work it up. This includes employing experts, taking depositions, etc. Very few attorneys have the financial resources to put it all on the line for you. We do.

What is a spinal cord injury case worth?

The value of your paralysis case will depend upon numerous factors. First, you are entitled to obtain compensation for all medical bills incurred for your care. Second, the at-fault person will be responsible for all future care you require. We will employ a team of life care planners and economists to determine what the present value of that is. Third, you are entitled to compensation for all the pain you endured and will endure into the future. Fourth, you are entitled to suffering damages, which in our experience, is the largest damage item in a paralysis case. Fifth, you are entitles to compensation to retrofit your home so that it is fully accessible to you. Sixth, if you lost your job or have an impaired earning capacity, you are entitled to recover those damages as well. Last, depending upon the circumstances involved in your injury, you may be entitled to recover punitive damages from the at-fault party.

How long does a paralysis personal injury case take?

I have personally recovered compensation for victims in as short as a few months. However, this is usually when the resources of the at-fault person are limited. Most of the time, these cases take years to properly work up. It is not uncommon for these types of cases to take 2-5 years to reach a jury depending upon the court’s docket, how many defendants are in the case, and how complex the liability case is.

Do I need to file a lawsuit for my paralysis claim?

Maybe. The specifics of your case may require the filing of a personal injury lawsuit. We will analyze the statute of limitations and any applicable statute of repose to determine when you are required to file. Different jurisdictions have differing rules on when your claim must be asserted. The law also varies from state to state in terms of what defendants can be held responsible. These are all things we will research and provide you with answers on.

What causes paralysis?

Paralysis can occur without your neck breaking. In fact, any part of the backbone can potentially sever the spinal cord. These injuries typically result from blunt force trauma from falls, gunshots, and car accidents. An estimated 8,000 cases of spinal cord injuries exist in the United States alone. In Missouri, about 167 spinal cord injuries occur each year. Auto, truck, and motorcycle crashes are the leading causes of all spinal cord injuries. Traffic accidents and especially motorcycle crashes can result in broken necks, which lead to a high probability of severing the spinal cord.

The spinal cord is made up of vertebrae and is supported by discs. Discs are made up of a nucleus and absorb energy to prevent destruction and deterioration of the spinal cord. These discs are designed to withstand ordinary everyday forces, but not large sudden forces like those seen in car, truck, and motorcycle wrecks.

When pressure is applied to a disc, the jelly-like substance between them mushrooms outward. When these discs are injured from the force of a car wreck, they can bulge or herniate. A disc bulge is usually when the disc protrudes from all sides. A disc herniation is usually focal and is directional.

The spine is made up of three different segments:

  1. The cervical spine is the area where the neck is.
  2. Moving down, the thoracic spine is the area of the upper back.
  3. The lower back is called the lumbar spine. Below that is the sacrum.

The level of impairment (paralysis) will be determined by the area of the spine that is injured and the amount of damage to the cord. Generally speaking, the higher the injury is on the spine the more impairment. An injured cord can result in both sensory and motor disruption.

What long-term care is needed for spinal cord injury victims?

Our spinal cord injury lawyers realize victims need assistance in order to live productive lives. Many times, family members are called upon to assist the spinal cord victim until proper financial compensation is obtained. Often times the at-fault party will attempt to offset the money owed by arguing the family has and will continue to care for the injured person. However, this is a violation of Missouri law and judges will bar this type of argument because it violates the collateral source rule. That rule means the wrongdoer cannot benefit from a family’s caring for a loved one. Instead, a paralysis victim is entitled to compensation to properly pay for outside care from third parties.

There are numerous medical studies that detail the emotional impact in having a family care for a loved one. As your paralysis lawyer, we will ensure you have the resources to be as independent as possible without being fully reliant upon family members for care. Our team will employ the top experts to determine what your specific needs are and cost out exactly what care that will require for the remainder of your life. We understand the last thing victims want is to become an undue burden upon their loved ones. Over time, the level of care required for a paralysis victim can be overwhelming for the family and the victim. When faced with these kinds of situations, a spinal cord injury lawyer at The Bradley Law Firm can coordinate long-term care for clients through a team of doctors and life care planners.

What experience does The Bradley Law Firm have in handing paralysis cases?

Tons. In fact, our past clients are so elated with the level of service we provided and the compensation they received that they gave us permission to use them as references. They can give you a first-hand account of how we handled the case from start to finish and how their lives were transformed as a result. To us, a personal referral and recommendation from a happy client is the highest honor. The Bradley Law Firm has decades of experience handling personal injury claims and has a great deal of experience with spinal cord injuries. Contact E. Ryan Bradley today and speak to an experienced Missouri personal injury lawyer about your case for free. Our office is located in St. Louis, but we serve Missouri clients throughout the state, including those from Springfield, Kansas City, Independence and Columbia. 

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Our Results

Our Personal Injury Attorneys have proudly collected TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in compensation for clients.

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