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Our St. Louis truck accident lawyers specialize in commercial accident cases involving catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death. Large truck and semi truck accidents are devastating. Their sheer size and weight destroys small vehicles and people in the way. People are hurt and killed by irresponsible truck drivers and companies every day.

Our 18 wheeler accident lawyers have obtained millions of dollars in truck accident settlements in verdicts. We are often brought in by other personal injury lawyers because of our expertise. We have worked on almost every type of commercial vehicle crash, including:

  • Over-hours violations;
  • Semi trailer truck accidents;
  • Fatigued driving;
  • Drinking and driving;
  • Driving under the influence of drugs;
  • Negligent loading and securement;
  • Bumper under-ride cases;
  • Rear-end crashes;
  • Drivers who falsify medical information to DOT examiners;
  • Cross-over crashes;
  • Improper lane changes;
  • Nighttime accidents;
  • Retroreflective tape violations;
  • Truck stop accidents with pedestrians;
  • Inadequate truck driver training;
  • Truck accident wrongful death;
  • Failure to supervise drivers; and
  • Violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations (49 CFR 383-399)

Why Do You Need a St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyer?

Tractor trailer accidents are not your run of the mill car crash. The moment you are involved in a semi-truck or commercial truck accident the motor carrier knows about it. Big semi trucks are equipped with monitoring devices that can detect crashes in real time. Additionally, truck drivers are required to immediately report any car crash. 

Once a carrier knows about a crash, it calls the insurance carrier. The insurance adjuster immediately hires a defense lawyer. He or she then hires a crisis response team to begin an investigation. This is all designed to avoid liability and deny your claim. 

Often, their investigators will be on-scene before the roadway is reopened. From the very moment a truck crash happens, people who have an interest in avoiding responsibility begin working against you. When lay injured in a hospital room or plan a funeral for a loved one, who is ensuring your rights are protected?

An aggressive and experienced tractor trailer accident attorney will assemble a team of experts . Our St. Louis truck accident attorneys realize sensitive evidence can easily get “misplaced” or “lost” by trucking companies. In fact, there are laws that dictate how long some of this information must be kept. Without an experienced attorney on your side, you may never get this evidence, which could make or break your case.

What Qualifies as a Commercial Motor Vehicle?

Our clients are sometimes surprised as to what vehicles qualify as a commercial motor vehicle and are therefore regulated under the Federal Motor Carrier Regulations. Commercial motor vehicles can include:

  • school buses;
  • garbage trucks;
  • cargo carrying vehicles;
  • most Fed-Ex trucks;
  • most UPS vehicles;
  • most
  • delivery vans;
  • straight trucks;
  • passenger trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 10,000 lbs;
  • passenger and tour buses;
  • medical transport vehicles;
  • construction vehicles; and
  • emergency service vehicles

Each truck accident must be investigated on its own merits. Not all trucks qualify as “commercial motor vehicles” under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). Most attorneys do not realize there are two different definitions of “commercial motor vehicle” under this regulatory framework. This means some safety regulations are only applicable to some vehicles. Others must abide by all regulations. Our St. Louis truck accident law firm knows the difference.

What is a Semi?

A semi is an abbreviation of “semi-trailer.” A tractor is the power unit that pulls various types of trailers. When a tractor operates without a trailer, it is called “bobtail.” The most common type of trailer is a box trailer, or semi. The term “tractor-trailer” refers to a tractor that is attached to a trailer. Our semi truck accident lawyers handle both bobtail accident cases and semi-trailer accidents.Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) to Prevent Truck Accidents

Because of the dangers tractor trailer crashes pose, there are numerous rules and regulations for truck drivers and companies to abide by. In fact, the opening sentence of these regulations states “[t]he purpose of this part is to help reduce or prevent truck and bus accidents, fatalities, and injuries…” These safety regulations are codified in law at 49 CFR 390 through 49 CFR 399. Almost every single truck accident is caused by the violation of one or more of these rules. We know these rules inside and out and often establish compelling liability cases against carriers for violating these rules.

What do the FMCSRs regulate?

  1. Who can have a commercial drivers license (CDL);
  2. Disqualifying medical conditions for drivers;
  3. Mandates periodic medical examinations for drivers;
  4. Requires employer training and testing of drivers;
  5. All interstate passenger carrying vehicles;
  6.  Commercial motor vehicle leasing;
  7. Maintenance;
  8. The preservation of certain records;
  9. Alcohol and Drug testing of drivers (routine, reasonable suspicion and post-accident);
  10. Sets minimum insurance limits for trucking companies;
  11. The Hours of Service (HOS) that a driver can be on duty;
  12. Rules for nighttime driving;
  13. Post-accident procedures; and
  14. Mandates certain safety equipment, etc.

Truck Crashes are Usually the Result of Safety Rules Being Broken

Unfortunately, some trucking companies do not follow these rules and regulations. As a result, neither do their drivers. Both trucking companies and their drivers can let the economic pressure of delivering loads quickly take precedence over safety. All too often, this results in a horrible crash with severe injuries or fatalities.  A review of Missouri personal injury lawsuits involving large commercial trucks reveals truckers operate far too frequently when drivers are fatigued or drive in excess of the limits permitted by law. Many times, truckers operate their vehicles without sufficient training or experience. Drivers overload their tractor trailers. Sometimes drivers operate poorly maintained vehicles without required safety equipment.

Personal Injury Attorney Ryan Bradley

Truck Accident Attorney Ryan Bradley.

Our St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers Will Skillfully Navigate Your Claim 

After a tractor trailer accident, you must verify that your St. Louis truck accident lawyer has the experience and capability to fully investigate the crash. The Bradley Law Firm has personally handled numerous cases where the people investigating the crash incorrectly determined fault. Further investigation by our lawyers, in conjunction with our experts, revealed numerous regulatory violations, forcing the truck companies to pay settlements in excess of $1 million.

We have a team of consultants who can be on any truck crash in the continental 48 states within 24 hours. Truck accident investigation involves an in-depth evaluation of the regulations and the truck drivers’ violations of those regulations. Often, a truck accident is caused by a violation of one or more of these laws. The true cause of a truck crash is not always apparent and is only revealed after a skilled truck accident lawyer demands the trucking company turn over internal documents.

Our Rapid Response St. Louis Team

If we are contacted from the scene of a catastrophic crash, we have a rapid response team that can be on-scene in the St. Louis area within an hour. Years ago we were contacted by a distraught husband whose wife was run over by a tractor trailer in the parking lot of a well-known truck stop across the river in Illinois. We were there within 30 minutes of getting the call and took hundreds of pictures and interviewed witnesses.

Later, after we were forced to file a lawsuit against the truck company and driver. First, the truck company’s lawyer claimed some other truck ran her over. Second, he claimed if they did run her over the driver did the best he could and could not have seen my client’s wife, who passed away from her injuries.

The pictures we took of the truck saved the case. The photos showed the windshield of the truck was covered in a thick layer of dirt and grime, which impeded the driver’s view. Second, when we inspected the truck months after the crash, our forensic team looked for trace evidence to link the truck to the victim. Our St. Louis  soon realized the trucking company changed the tires on the truck, which paved the way for a destruction of evidence claim against the company. Without this evidence, the insurance company would never have paid the $2,000,000 policy limits.

You need to realize this kind of nonsense goes on all the time. When large corporations realize they did something wrong things “disappear.” If you find yourself in this situation, it is imperative you hire St. Louis truck accident attorneys with the resources to protect you.

A St. Louis Truck Accident Injury Lawyer from Our Firm Will Fight to Get You a Top Settlements or Verdict

Look no further than the yearly edition of the Missouri Lawyers Weekly to find The Bradley Law Firm’s name listed for top verdicts and settlements. In fact, we have many plaques hanging in our conference room detailing our work on these cases. We hang them here as a constant reminder to the defense lawyers who step into our office who they are dealing with. Likewise, we keep these as a reminder of the enormous responsibility we have to our clients in ensuring their cases are properly cared for.

Free Consultations with Top St. Louis Truck Accident Lawyers

We will meet with you and your family and provide a free legal consultation. Our St. Louis truck accident lawyers will explain the process of investigating the crash. You can rest assured we will be fighting for you. We have successfully represented hundreds of clients in serious truck accidents. Many of those people have left Google reviews for us online. Some have offered to speak with new clients about their experience and we will provide you with those references.

Our truck wreck lawyers know the industry, the trucking laws, and trucking accidents inside and out. Our law firm handles complex truck accident cases and has recovered millions of dollars for victims from trucking insurance companies.

No Fee Unless We Win

Once an attorney-client relationship is formed, we will begin working on your truck accident case. We never ask you to pay attorneys’ fee or the costs associated with your case. We only get paid if we collect money from a negligent trucker or truck company.

Contact us today and speak to an experienced St. Louis truck accident attorney about your case.

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Our Personal Injury Attorneys have proudly collected TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in compensation for clients.

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